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Evolutionary Business...

Evolutionary Business is the result of Consciousness as the Masculine Principle descending into the deep-body and unearthing the energy of Purpose as the Feminine Principle. It is then about the translation of that deep energy into the form of a Philosophy which can then be Expressed to and within wider 'fields.'

The old ways of 'doing' Business have become too disassociated from the body.


As a result, mental cleverness has been used as a compensation. Evolutionary Business is radically different. It is about first resuming to the Core Integrity of the Soul and then expressing that through the form of Business. This is the only way to sustainability, because what is being built is rooted in the deepest alignment of the Soul, not a temporary desire of the personality.


Evolutionary Business has been my labour of Love, having emerged through the reconciliation of my enjoyment of Business with the deepest level of embodiment. Discovering new ways to approach Business by moving from the deepest knowing or intuition of the body led me to create a series of models and an overall Philosophy...

Eventually, I saw the way that Philosophy could ignite the true-depth or 'core integrity' in others and so inspire them to emerge with their very own aligned Business. As at the time of writing, Evolutionary Business is starting to permeate through the 'field,' holding a specific vibration which is leading to a completely new way.

Transmission > Philosophy > Expression. ​

Evolutionary Business work proceeds in three phases: 

The first is Transmission, which is the felt-quality of Purpose through the deep-body. It is the unique quality of existential power through the body and brain. This is sensory-based. It is about sensing or feeling into the deeper uniqueness that is seeking to move, show and offer itself. Touching into the Transmission is dependent upon Consciousness entering into the body, moving through the distortions in relation to Existence (which obstruct the energy of Purpose) and stabilising and strengthening. Without a Transmission, there can be no Philosophy.

Second, there is Philosophy, which is the organic result of the Transmission being translated through the body and brain. The thought, speech and action bodies must go through a purification so as to be a pure reflection of the deeper Transmission. You must discover your voice, your thoughts, and your actions – as these uniquely pertain to you as a Soul. This is about seeing that Existence or 'Life' has a unique way it is moving or utilising you. This necessarily cannot be like anyone or anything else. No flower is the same. No tree is the same. No river is the same.

In addition, there is the work of bringing the Philosophy into a tangible, visual representation, which is directly dependent upon a Channel being established between the Brain and Gut. The Gut is where sensitivity and intuition is cultivated; the Brain can start to think in a more refined way because thought (as well as speech and action) are being registered sensorially as confirmation of Integrity. This is how the Brain can also begin to move in harmony with the rhythm structure of Nature, intuiting the deeper and wider fractal patterning of Existence and sensitively learning how to think comprehensively.

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Expression is where Philosophy is moved into second 'forms.' This progression is the result of the Exponential Resonance Model. This Model is looking at the Frequency of Being to Show and Offer, and it is designed so as to exponentially increase the reach of your Work horizontally and vertically. That is, it is dedicated to the question of 'how' you can reach and work with people who resonate with the deep-core of your Work, as well as those that are more on the surface. This Model is focused on the cultivation of and arrival into Mastery.

To reiterate, what is Shown and Offered is dependent upon how widely we have integrated the different Frequencies of Being.

We first come into the Expression of the our Core Frequency – the Expression of our Transmission-infused Philosophy. This Expression, referred to as Knowing, is Shown and Offered to those within our innermost field (the 'Crystal Seed'). Second, we go through the sensitive-intuitive process of learning how to think comprehensively and so Relate our Knowing to those on the periphery of our field (the 'Crystal Thread'). Third, we let go of the form of our Philosophy entirely and instead become the 'living vibration' of it, thus Activating even the most shallow areas with new energy sourced from our Core Frequency or Integrity (the 'Crystal Activator').

Essentially, the work of Expression is about taking the Transmission-infused Philosophy and reaching back into the world – permeating it with what has been uncovered in the depth. Underlying everything that we Express is the same Integrity, just moving as different Frequencies that are Shown and Offered in different ways. In the Frequency of Knowing, for example, what is Shown and Offered is the Pure Transmission and Philosophy, with no modification. Here, the audience is the core group of people who resonate at the deepest level, which is completely conscious. Thus any product or service Offered to such a group will be pure and unadulterated.

In the Frequency of Relating, what is Shown and Offered will be a product or service that is reflective of one portion of the underlying Transmission-infused Philosophy; something that is accessible to those on the periphery of the field. Relating is all about offering entry-points into depth. Reaching is about Showing and Offering a product or service (or both) that is infused with the 'living vibration' of the Philosophy and as a result has mass-critical impact and reach. This Frequency is about effecting change on the planet (i.e. Nikola Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, etc.) by permeating an existing domain with the new and so transforming it from the inside-out.


Evolutionary Business is a Philosophy that is specifically focused on supporting Visionaries to uncover, clarify and express their Work in a multi-levelled way. It is the first of its kind because it is premised on creation coming solely from the depth of True Being, while also providing 'marketing' guidance that is truly aligned with the structure and flow of Nature. 

People who enter into this Work are immediately touched by its vibration and initiated into its Mystery. A specific type of person is attracted to this Work – a person who has opened enough to the innermost core and can feel and hear what is streaming there. It is my great pleasure to support these people to birth and clarity their life and world-changing Work.

I have an Offer for you now...

On the next page, there are three videos covering the Evolutionary Business Model in more detail. Specifically, when you go to the next page, you will learn more about your Transmission, your Philosophy – and you will also be pointed in the direction of 'How' this can be Expressed according to the Exponential Resonance Model. To get access to these three videos, all that you have to do is put your name and e-mail below (so I can keep you up to date with more content like this). I promise that all you will receive from me is the highest possible value, and this is something I take very seriously. 

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