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Awakening – Pierced by God (Meditative film on Monadic Contact)

Awakening – Pierced by God (Meditative film on Monadic Contact)

*Footage and music sources listed below* I have been inspired to make this short film... It's serves as an attempt to express the inexpressible, of what it was like when I broke-open to the connection with spirit. The soul-self is that part of our most true individual hidden underneath our human personalities, and it operates from a basis of wanting to serve something greater than the individual alone. Someone's 'soul work' is that which they are here to do, that which is oriented towards the service of the greater humanity. Connecting to spirit-beyond, referred to in some branches of esotericism as the Monad, is a connection to source that goes deeper than the soul itself. It is the lightning bolt of spirit, a burning fire. It is beyond even the individuality of the soul, truly transpersonal. The Monad is the source of the Soul, and on the path of Truth-Becoming, we are called across lifetimes eventually to the re-absorption back into the Monad, or Spirit. Meeting spirit in this way takes a deep surrender, and a willingness to let go of the controller self. It is as terrifying as it is magnificent (at least when first making contact). This little film is a way to capture my experience in connecting to the Monad. In making this, I was reminded again of that connection, pulsing through me as a kind of meditative exercise in re-creating a little window that is this film into my experience. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it, and that it may ignite the flame within you. – Risa SONG: Love some1 by Holy Other Free stock footage from and Footage taken from: - Disney's 'Atlantis: the Lost Empire' (2001) - Dreamwork's 'The Prince of Egypt' (1998) - Icon Productions 'The Passion of the Christ' (2004) - Village Roadshow's 'Matrix Revolutions' (2003) [brief clip at 3:43] - Fx studio's Growing Fetus animation (only brief clip used, firing synapses) viewable here: Find out more about us at - - #truth #integrity #alchemy #embodiment #mastery #soul #awakening #metaphysics #embodiedlove #coreintegrity #holyspirit #christ #christconsciousness #monad #monadicconsciousness
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