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The Transmission

Returning to the King & Queendom...

Since the inception of their union, James and Risa have been in an immersive and investigative process of identity disillusionment, revealing a flexible, organic and all-encompassing intelligence of human evolution. Over their time together, there has been a deepening revelation of the Masculine and Feminine principles of existence, emerging as an infinitely evolutionary and involutionary intelligence that returns one to the experience of wholeness and intimate connection with Reality.

The most simplified expression of the Wisdom is as follows: Consciousness (Masculine) allows for the deepening penetration and purification of the human body, as Matter (Feminine). This is the fundamentally simple Truth of the Tantric wisdom. However, it must be recognised that, while we can most certainly refer to the Masculine and Feminine qualities with evident distinction, it is no different from how we may distinguish the eyes from the ears, i.e. they have their own unique properties of operation, but function within the Whole in such a way that they cannot be seen as something truly separate from one another. Evidently, we can say this about all aspects of Existence. As such, the discovery has been that the qualities of masculine consciousness have been cultivated through the deeper entering of the Human Body. To quote a western translation of The Radiance Sutras (Lorin Roche):

"The way to Me [Shiva/masculine], is through Her."

We can see the infinitely fractal paradox of creation here: as Consciousness enters Matter, we discover greater qualities of Consciousness, which allow for an even deeper entering of Matter, which reveals deeper qualities of Consciousness... so on, and so forth.

As it concerns the practicalities of humanity's evolution, it is through the deepening into the Feminine Principle that new forms of creation can be birthed based on the Truths of Existence. Participating with a truly tantric teaching consequently brings about the emergence of harmony, beauty, abundance and joy, with greater and greater ease – for those who are truly committed...

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Your Own Authority...


The Core Aspect of the Wisdom concerns the intimate relating between humans, for those who have been graced with a partnership centred in the Great Will, or are cultivating this commitment individually. This includes a complete wiping of the old codependent and independent structures of relating, initiating the human into the field of true interdependence. This instigates the gradual dissolution of self (as the separated one), and the emergence of One Being as an organic evolutionary intelligence (like all other aspects of nature). Merging with the Greater Existence in a universal and multidimensional sense thus can only truly begin when we focus into the microcosm, merging consciousness and matter as fully expressed in the Him and Her relating.

The Transmission, while unique in its unfolding through the united body of James and Risa, must also be recognised as belonging to Greater Being, the Greater One, that which is ultimately un-nameable and un-knowable as the infinite mystery:

"There really is nothing new under the sun. We have found that those who have surrendered their lives to Being and share Wisdom from that place, always carry a note of familiar recognition in their transmissions through whatever dimensions they're most concerned with, even if they appear differently on the surface as far as semantics are concerned. Truth is the One-Life, and the Wisdom of Life is revealed in its divine simplicity to those sincere ones on the path of surrender & total dedication. Within this, there is the fact of our roles here as individuals, and our unique resounding notes of transmission that are coloured in a myriad of differing ways, hitting particular people in ways which allow for the unlocking of their own doorways and points of access to the Wisdom-Within.

'There are infinite ways of transmitting and uncovering Truth, informed by the mystery of our own unique intelligence. We see that every individual already has within them exactly what they need in any given moment. Our greatest service to anyone is through reflecting back to them the confirmation of their own Being, cracking through the false layers to reveal their own Authority, in the discovery of meeting deeper and deeper layers of their own infinite existence." – Risa.

The varying experiential dimensions of Being have been recognised by many throughout history. This time on our planet seems to be demanding our devotional subservience to the Truth, in such a way as to become flexible, dynamic, and certainly more capable of holding greater and greater levels of embodied Reality, at this time where the call to evolution has never been louder with the need to stand strong in the face of fear-based chaos.

The transmission is most concerned in mentoring those on their journey of actualisation, with an emphasis on the more specialised work of birthing the individuals Unique Pattern Integrity into reality.


Hope to meet with you soon....

James & Risa 💕 





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