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The Will
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The Will is at the centre of all beginning cycles of Creation, hence its position as the First Principle. Before Love could exist as a unified field of harmoniously cooperative connectedness, there had to be the Will for such a field to be brought into creation. It is the requirement for all forms of initiation, all beginnings and all endings, the stepping across the threshold into new and true principles and forms of Life, with the death of old patterns of inaccurate operation. 

Will in its essence is a single-pointed and narrowly focused force of penetration. It's rather simple in its orientation, not as intricate as the principles of Love and Intelligence, and yet it can often be the most challenging aspect for aspirants and seekers to come to terms with. This is due to the demand of radicality and the unavoidable force of destruction that always accompanies new life...

If we like, we can conceive of the Will aspect as primarily masculine, with its single-mindedly daring focus and thrusting penetration mirroring those processes of conception; think of the simplicity of the sperm entering the egg, or the ray of the Sun as a radical yet simple ball of burning fire that is the fundamental source of Life for all the planets in our solar system. Penetrative force however still exists within the feminine aspect, particularly in that archetype of Kali, who is a force that moves in a volcanic way from the ground-up to destroy distortions, in much the same way that the subtle (yet still potent) force of Will as the Spirit aspect descends like a bolt of lightning.


In both examples, however, there is a force of penetration and destruction that serves to kill off the old forms of ignorance and delusion to make way for the emergence of more refined and beautiful forms of Creation. This energy connects to the element of Fire – both expressions bring heat! We can see why these expressions of force via the Kali/Chinnamasta and Shiva (the creator/destroyer) oft activate fear in individuals. Resistance to death and penetration turns one away from the daring force of the Fiery Will. Desperate grasping to ones forms of ignorance may appear to prevent one from entering the Eye of the Storm, yet no one can run forever. To understand the force of Will is to know exactly what it means to be "God Fearing"... Fire, too, is understood as the great liberator.

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Art by KamaliOm

Keywords and themes of the the First Ray and Principle of Will:

Conception, Birth, Destruction, Death, Initiation, Endings, Beginnings, Penetration, Force, Daring, Courage, Urgency, Power, Sword, Reliability, Leadership, Motion, Evolution, Warrior, Clarity, Truth, Fire, Burning, Sacrifice, Crucifixion.

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Without Will one does not possess reliability, as they have not yet accessed the point of sacrifice which leads to a far greater expression of loving intelligence. Our capacity to Love and operate intelligently remains bound to our limitations and self-centredness to the degree in which we have rejected the Will aspect, refusing to let go and die to those aspects of ourselves which no longer serve Life. It is vital that all sincere aspirants grasp this, as many common shadows within the fields of commercial spirituality fall into the traps of Love and Intelligence activities at the expense of Will, fundamentally inverting these 2nd and 3rd principles, rendering them distorted and delusional, unaware of their use of magnetism and creativity from a place of separateness and selfishness. Love cannot exist without death and sacrifice. One cannot merge benevolently with reality without exercising penetration.


Most importantly, one cannot access the immense wisdom intelligence and creative ability of the Feminine aspect of existence without a centre of concentrated Will and Sacrificial Devotion that would continuously die for the sake of creation as the feminine totality. It is oft those many individuals who claim access to feminine wisdom who refuse to resolve their unhealed father wounds and selfish desires to keep old and dead forms in place, unable to see the depth of their delusion with regard to their fundamental disconnection from the feminine which must be so as a consequence of possessing such a weak masculine that leaves them unable to face the great force of creation that is the cosmic womb. 

The Will to Love, the Will to Be, the Will to Serve – the urgent Yes to participating in the Cosmic Creation begins with the First Principle of Will. 


"Let us approach the most difficult, before which all former difficulties will appear as blissful moments. The most difficult is the blessing of the Fiery World. This entry is so difficult that it seems that not even our minutest cell can endure this World of ecstasy. It has been said that when all covering has fallen away and only the radiance of daring remains, then the resplendent Fire enters the Gates, there being no admittance for the body. But in order to kindle such daring, let us preserve ecstasy in the face of the most difficult. Therefore reflect, the way you would wish to imagine existence in the Fiery World. Indeed, thought creates in the Subtle World, but it is quick as lightning in the Fiery World, and transcends all earthly measures; there is the Seventh Light."

– Morya, Master of the 1st Ray (Fiery World, Book 2)

1. Will

The Will presents the point of origin from which Life emerges. That point grows and then glows, becoming a central magnetic force that pulses into being – One Life, One Creation, one Cosmos...

The essence of Love is that core of creation as a Being itself. It is this fabric of unity, governing the forces that cooperate and co-create within existence. Love fuses and blends, ever expanding in its fullness. If Will is the Seeing Eye that shoots the beam of light, then Love is the Heart of that Light – like the Sun – that bestows the Source of Life through endless gifting from the eternal fountain. It is the impulse of Love that moves the human, that which moves the Soul and seeks to Serve – to nourish and breathe expansive energy into others and the planet. While Will initiates, Love sustains Life like the heart beat itself, gifting those ideas, resources and intuitions which compels humanity to be realise its Oneness.

To Love sincerely is to hollow-out the selfishness that makes a human being a taker rather than a giver. People with a closed-down heart, a con-caved back and who avoid eye-contact may be cut off from their own centre of Loving energy as the basic source of Life. They may struggle to give and receive love in any capacity. To be cut off from Love is like losing connection to the Sun, with all organic structures that depend upon its light wilting and fading back into dust. Most forms of Life as we see on the planet reach up towards the Light of the Sun, as do planets gravitate around our central sun. In holographic fashion, the human being as an organic Life structure reaches up (or, in!) towards the inner light as the infinite source of Life. 

That experience many have come to know as the Dark Night of the Soul refers to those moments of inner resignation and depression that are part of a natural cycle of preparation for a new breath of Life as loving source energy. These periods of the night may invite the individual to reflect on a life lived from fear rather than the centre of Abundant Life as the Love of the Soul itself, a life fundamentally rooted in a contraction from the inner light that shines forth with radiance, seeking to bless everything that it touches. It is no wonder then why tribal civilisations all worshipped the Sun as the central God Head.

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Divine Love by DivineLightAngels_edited.
Art by DivineLightAngels

Keywords and themes of the the Second Ray and Principle of Love:

Nourishment, Essence, Soul, Self-Centre, God, The Sun, Source, Magnetic Attraction, Merging, Unity, Light, Infinite, Ideation, Unconditional, Service, Sacrifice, Bonding, Group, Humanitarian, Selfless, Water & Fire, Mystical, Inspiration, Ideation, Care & Compassion


The essence of the human soul itself can be considered to be the Sun relative to the individuality of the organic bodily structure built from nature as the feminine aspect. The Soul is Love itself. Its nature is unity and connection, gifting and radiating. Those who (from an unawakened place) 'look for love in all the wrong places' may be in search for a confused image of love, not seeing that they are really in search of their own soul. It is hence the case that without proper contact and connection to the soul, a human being exists primarily as a taker, with the degrees of this selfishness varying from subtle to gross distortions of character. The subtle yet potent consciousness of the soul seeks unity with the body as to express itself as an individual part of a Whole, rather than a codependent personality grasping at images from a place of dissociation and disconnection. 

It has been speculated that such a thing exists as a soulless human. In actual fact this is not possible, however – if Love is not occupying the body, then something else is. That is to say, to the degree that the organic human personality is disconnected from the essence of the soul (that is, Love), then some other aspect of distorted and false consciousness will be occupying the human. This can be as basic as tendencies of codependency and feeling starved of loving consciousness, to darker astral energies that hook into more malicious shadows of unintegrated human wounds pockets of selfishness, also including the spectrum of character disturbance as documented in the field of psychology (here I refer to such personality disorders such as narcissism and sociopathy). It is more apt to say that many humans are cut off from the fact of Loving consciousness, resulting in a parasitic and self-obsessed nature, operating more as a cancer on the planet than a source of giving, protection and nourishment. Their means of existence is based soley on identification with the form life. The existence of evil as a destructive force on the planet is in fact an inverted movement of energy that stems from a disconnection from the inner light.

The force of Love brings the why, the emotional and spiritual purpose for an individuals commitment to life, the Light that radiates and merges, the pulsating desire to uplift, gift and serve humanity. The evolution from personal love to spiritual love is that movement of expansion out of the attachment to certain forms that we deem as worthy objects of our love (such as family or intimate loved ones) into the realisation that all Life is Love, and it is the essence we must become a beacon of and so extend selflessly to everything in our individual lives. Thus Love, like Will, is a sacrifice: a sacrifice to give, and to extend beyond the limitations of our loving consciousness – to break down any resistances to service and selflessness that arises in the human psyche. Sometimes these layers can be burst through with force, and others take time to dissolve, with periods of deeper lulls as in the case of the Dark Night phases. But understand this: Love is the One fundamental essence of our nature. Realisation of Loving consciousness is thus often referred to as God Realisation. It is the Spiritual Centre of the Cosmos.

As Victor Hugo put it aptly, "To Love another Person is to see the face of God..."

2. Love
The 4 Pillars
The 4 Pillars | Core Integrity.png

The essence of the Core Integrity Framework can be condensed into 4 core aspects that we have come to see as absolutely fundamental to the emergence of the intelligent creator and reliable human being. These aspects are applicable to the Right Creation of all forms; individual/relational, institutions/businesses, creative projects (eg. the writing of a book, development of a website, the emergence of a modality, etc.). These principles and their processes have been grounded into practical and intuitive understanding through the vehicle of intimate relating, serving as a core fractal point that refines the individuals creative potency and capacity to extend outward into their purpose and group service work.

  1. WILL | force, initiation, commitment, death, the sword, reliability, purpose, Spirit, unchangeable, clarity, unlimited, courage, leadership, sacrifice

  2. LOVE unity, magnetic attraction, merging, cooperation, compassion, understanding, Wisdom, ideals, service, oneness, synthesis, right seeing

  3. INTELLIGENCEcreativity, efficiency, methodical, processes, adaptability, magic, precision, higher mind, abstraction, metaphysical

  4. RIGHT RELATIONS | partnership, bonding, intimacy, sensuality, building, embodiment, tantra, group intelligence, bodily wisdom, density, dark magnetism

The numbers seen in the diagram (1, 2, 3, and 7) correspond to the subtle science of Rayology, first discovered through the emerging intelligence gifted to James and Risa via the vehicle of their relationship, becoming the One Bodied-Relating teaching under Core Integrity, falling under the 4th Pillar of Right Relations through the practical application of the first 3 Pillars.

More writings on on the 4 Pillars coming soon...

MagicFlower art.jpeg

Will initiates, Love creates, and Intelligence informs. We discover here the 'how' to the 'why' – it is a different form of creativity from the one that sustains the heart beat of the universe. Love pulses the LifeBlood into creation as a unified field. Intelligence serves as the cells within all those moving parts that are magnetically attracted by Love, making up that field of unity.

Diversity, efficiency and refinement are revealed here as, if we like, the feminine brilliancy of the cosmic web, the womb which builds the forms and generates intelligent units of love-in-action. Will and Love alone may make you a centre of force and attraction, but without Intelligence, Life Energy remains purely potential without practical application. Our first 2 principles help us go beyond and become greater-than the limitation of old and false forms. As we centre into these pillars, then She appears – as the deeper mysteries of form intelligence are revealed to the potent lover...

The creation of a baby cannot occur without the sperm. But let's face it – the feminine aspect does most of the work! Masculine awareness tells us what and why, with a core of selfless sacrifice and dedication. The feminine aspect of Being says "Thanks – now let me show you how it's done!" The ecological awareness and attunement to all cycles and procedures of nature held within the domain of Intelligence makes it truly the great creator and storehouse of integral systems. Abstraction, scientific refinement, attention to detail and constant testing and retesting is demanded with this principle, and we see it throughout all natural evolutionary processes. 

The rejection of the feminine aspect on the planet has permitted plenty of great ideation, but with little practical use and sustainability, as well as the avoidance of accountability on the part of human individuals to consistently dedicate themselves to their own purification and integration of such ideations! Intelligence shows us that no matter how mighty an ideal, how passionate a warrior, how epic a goal; if said warrior cannot make proper use of his resources, then he is little more than a clueless fool with empty promises. Intelligence shows us how to walk the talk.

Magic Explosion-min_edited_edited.jpg

Keywords and themes of the 3rd Ray and Principle of Intelligence:

Efficiency, Beauty, Manifestation, Magic, Creation, Science, Refinement, Creativity, Right use of Resources, Proper use of Finance, Business, Matrix, Technology, Right Thinking, Formula, Procedures, Interpretation, Philosophy, Abstraction


The 3rd Principle of Intelligence holds all the wonderful keys to the practical aspects of our integration, embodiment and overall synthesis and harmonisation of the human vehicle and its MO.  The field of psychology in a basic sense could be considered under the 3rd principle of intelligence with regards to the evolution of consciousness. It may not point to the specific metaphysics of the soul's nature, but it has all to do with the formulation of the human being through its biological, environmental and relational influences, and thus gives us many clues as to the how of human nature. Science, biology, carpentry, health, art, technology – are all kinds of intelligence that hold a great deal of intricate detail and dynamic complexity. (Note that most of these different fields of intelligence belong under rays 4-7 in Esoteric Rayology, however these rays all extend from the 3rd ray, as they are refinements of the varying attributes of intelligence.)

The 1st ray brings sacrifice, death, and new life; the 2nd brings magnetic attraction, unification, and the Christed blood of life; the 3rd ray brings about the right manipulation and formulation of the moving parts of that life – hence its creativity and practical application. It is considered to be a mental ray in this sense, as it requires that right seeing of parts and the rearrangement of those parts for greater efficiency and potency. A big theme within the integration of the Principle of Intelligence concerns the evolution out of concrete thinking and the lower mind, existing as limited belief systems and distorted perceptual operating that is the more arbitrary conditioning of the brain and mental processes. The individual releases the assumptions of its experiences and the tendency to reduce life into a limited mental prism and softens the brain to become flexible and receptive to higher (or more subtle) and intuitive thought-forms – this is the birthing of the Abstract/Higher Mind, and the emergence of the true magician and the actual conscious creator. 

Philosophy in general is considered under the 3rd Ray, and we can see how those great philosophers of our history expanded the consciousness of the times through the rearrangement of thoughts to perceive and sense life and existence in a different way. We can think of those who were murdered for their bringing forth of intuitive perception, like that of Socrates, or Giodarno Bruno who, heretic of course to the authority of the church at the time, was burned alive for stating that the Earth was not the centre of the universe, but that we were in fact revolving around the sun... Where do such intuitions come from? How do they appear when the conditioned concrete mental assumptions of the times are so fixed? That individual who opens not only their hearts to the Love of God but who opens their brains to the Mind of God is that one who begins to see and sense – not with the learned reactions from external senses, but instead with the inner sensing – the intelligence of the cosmos, the patterning of the universe, and then the secrets of his own soul's evolution and contribution. He/she then becomes the Magician who, with a flick of one's wrist, casts the spell that brings heavenly operations into the world of forms.

"God is infinite, so His universe must be too. Thus is the excellence of God magnified and the greatness of His kingdom made manifest; He is glorified not in one, but in countless suns; not in a single earth, a single world, but in a thousand thousand, I say in an infinity of worlds."
– Giodarno Bruno

3. Intelligence
Right Relations

We sacrifice ourselves to Life, we grow our magnetism and sustaining ability through Love, and we see the cosmos with the illumined eye. All things are brought together upon the physical plane – the 7th Ray – revealing the divinity within matter, the central point of synthesis and actualisation, and the harmonisation of all elements of Life. Heaven on Earth is revealed, intelligence of matter realised and form nature divinised. All earthly affairs reflect Unity, all ideations are grounded into practical daily living, and the relationships between the moving parts cooperatively collaborate; blending the mundane and extraordinary, individual and group, soul and personality, man and woman, mind and body, Spirit and Matter...

Humanity is now experiencing the transition into the 7th ray age, and the need to embody and enliven our daily physical lives with the Divine Revelation pulsates through the soul of the Earth. Here reveals the Practical Mystic...

As was stated under Intelligence, the 7th ray is an aspect of intelligence and so holds those aspects again of practicality, efficiency and methodology. The refinement of the 7th ray definition is seen in that focus upon the physical plane itself, and includes not just the intuitive or abstract, but the biological body, the earth and its ecology, and the primal power that rises from the density of the form nature. In this way, the 7th ray energy is extremely practical. Esotericists have noted that people with strong 7th ray in their individual make up are those people who tend to get it done, with the physical plane concerning that which is most practical and hands-on regarding any process of manifestation. Cleaning ones room is a 7th ray activity, as well as servicing ones car, managing ones finances, and then to the deeper energies such as sexual relating between the bodies.


Anything to do with the physical plane falls under the 7th ray. As such its significance is of strong emphasis for the practical manifestation and actualisation of all other aspects of the spiritual path. A long time has the body and its intelligence been rejected in spirituality, as connecting to the higher self has been concerned for so long with the withdrawal from forms. This process still stands true in the need to dissolve our attachments to the form nature, and yet, it is only through the returning to form and the incarnation of higher ideals onto the physical plane that we will see the emergence of Heaven on Earth.


Keywords and themes of the 7th Ray and 4th Principle of Right Relations:

Magic, Practicality, Right Practice, Daily affairs, Incarnation, Manifestation, Sexuality, Relationship, Dense Power, and Magnetism, Right use of Power and Physicality, Intimate Relating, Integrity, Reliability, Tantra, Spirit-in-Matter, Actualisation, The Body, Matter and Spirit revealed as One


We have called this principle Right Relations within the Core Integrity Framework in that the proper operation of the ecological life is revealed through working with the physical plane. Integrity is found here, with the lessons learned as to the right relationships between the individual life and ones soul purpose and contribution. The right relationship between principles of higher Truth and practical application with regards to family life, intimate relational life, the home life and dietary life, etc. Earth itself in its physical manifestation is but a series of intelligently moving parts that relate to one another in a harmonious way, sustaining life and learning from itself with adaptation and cooperation. So much can be learned through the integral intelligence of the natural life in the biological sphere, and so the question becomes: what does nature reveal when we bring divine consciousness into her forms? 

In the 7th ray age that we are in, we see greater interest in the themes of "embodiment", tantra and tantric relating, working with the body and cooperating with nature. There comes with this, as with any ray and age, the shadows of imbalanced focus upon certain themes, and so we are witnessing the rise of distorted teachings on intimate relating and sexuality, as one example. (Read Holy Synthesis to learn more about the proper integration of 7th ray energies.) A central Pillar to the Core Integrity Transmission is centered in the tantric wisdom we call One-Bodied Relatingconcerning the bodily union between man and woman as the revealing of the Holy Marriage, whereby the bodies become an actualised vehicle – a fractal unit – of spiritual union, where the human intimacy serves as the point of incarnation and total actualisation of Truth and Love within the form nature.


Here we see the principle of Right Relations arriving into the physical plane as the true human merging that is revealed when the spiritual aspect is no longer separated from the physical domain. As such, we emphasise the importance and necessity of this way of relating in present times as the most direct and powerful way to synthesise the lower human faculties after awakening, as the integrity and harmony between the two partners acts as a constant mirroring ground for the level of inner integration and orientation towards Truth. Any aspect of the hidden egocentric self will make itself known through the crucible of holy relating, and the real marriage invites us continuously into the complete occupation of our deepest selves.


The fact of this connection between the physical and higher plane is not surprising when we see that esoterically the crown chakra (connected to the 1st ray and Will principle) and the base/root chakra (connected to the 7th ray and the Magic/Right Relations principle) are but 2 expressions of the One Great force – and so, the most subtle force of spirit and the dense force of matter are brought to their resolution and revealed as no longer separate, but the dual expression of Spirit in its great force across the many planes of density and all existence itself. And so, we have found that the relating between people serves as the greatest vehicle for this discovery, as well as the safest and most refined manner by which to have life mirror and support the individual in their ever deepening integrity and incarnation.

"When you are able to make Two become One, the inside like the outside, and the outside like the inside, the higher like the lower, so that man is no longer male and woman female, but male and female become a single whole. When you are able to fashion an eye to replace an eye, and for a hand in place of a hand, or a foot for a foot, making one image supersede another, then you will enter the Kingdom." 

– Jesus, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. 

4. Right Relations
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