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Adama, USA...

“I am ridiculously astonished that James exists, and that I’ve found him. Through the deep processes of falling into the rabbit hole, underneath the many layers of half-assed awakening looping in spiritual conversations and culture – I have never truly found the external teachings to permit or support my mind in feeling fully safe to dive into this beckoning unknown. In fact, I didn’t even know I was seeking these affirmations and points of guidance, because somewhere in me I didn’t believe they could actually exist so clearly, simply, and wholly in this world outside of me. James' articulation from the visceral depths of the embodied spiritual journey is the most deep, straight-forward, and effortlessly wholesome I’ve found. It’s beyond refreshing. There is an uncanny impeccibility that he brings forth in charting the unexplored terrain for the next level of embodiment for our species, that has helped solidify clarity for me in regards to many deep seeds that have been germinating in me for a while. Each one of his talks that I've listened to, have opened up a profound reorientation in my life afterwords, way beyond any expectation I had. Truly the most effective and essential teaching I can say I’ve ever found – cutting right to the core.”

"Just tuning into Risa and James makes my heart sing and every cell vibrating cheerful. Their all inclusive Realisation of Truth is instantly transmitted in the most sweet, fresh, direct, loving, simple and profound way through their Beings."

– Andrea, Germany

Karen, Australia...

“I have always been deeply impressed and moved by the depth and clarity of James’s writings and when he and Risa announced their course Transfigured Through Love:The True Tantra I felt very excited and moved to do this. The process in relationship that they have awakened to is deeply authentic and truly yogic. It is a process that can be engaged by any intimate couple when they are truly aware of the masculine and feminine dynamics that occur in a relationship. Both James and Risa are extremely sensitive to the Truth process that occurs yogically in all beings and therefore have great skill in serving and facilitating this process in those who participate in their work. I most highly recommend participating in their work if you desire a truly authentic and deeply loving intimate relationship and if you yearn for awakening to the real freedom and happiness in life altogether.”

"Risa and James are the perfect guides to embodiment. Their clarity, compassion, naturalness and sense of humor makes their work not only extremely efficient but also very pleasurable. To enjoy them as a couple can open rare insights about relating. I‘m so grateful to have met them."

Yatren, Germany

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