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Your Self Will Create Physical Symptoms To Reveal Its Holding

James here. It's been a busy month for Risa and I. We haven't officially blogged for quite some time. Most of our attention has been directed in other places. I have been sharing a lot in the Core Integrity Telegram group. I have also started a new course called Money Mysteries. In addition, we are currently moving home.

Right now, we are in a beautiful, spacious AirBnB in Brisbane, Queensland. Coming into more space has been a big theme lately. We got to the end of our time at our last accomodation and, simply put, became too big for it. When the Life-Force in the body is opened up, it will seek more space. It will physically and energetically push out more space. The Being has to essentially GROW to hold the energy (power) that is opening.

This doesn't always necessitate a change in physical environment, but in our case it has been quite natural that the more we grow, the more spaciousness we require. Eventually we see this leading to a large property with land – a place we can grow and cultivate into a physical/material/tangible expression of the Kingdom of Heaven. We may even be able to make some moves on this within the next year.

The point of this post is to speak about physical symptoms. I am noticing at the moment that my head and face is flaring up with hot, itchy rashes very frequently. The "collective brain" would tell me I have eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, but my knowing has been that there is clearly a deeper cause. It is a great trap to take the collective/cultural labelling and stop there.

Simply put: Symptoms are the result of something being pushed out/open. I formulate this hypothesis when I see what is happening within my psyche moments before my face is flared up:

The face flaring up in rashes (symptom) because of limited/neurotic thoughts (the cause).

Now, you might say: Limited/neurotic thoughts should not have that kind of impact. But in assuming this you are missing the function of power. With more power, all of the existing conditioned-patterns become highlighted. Limited/neurotic thoughts are operating within the head-space, and hence this is where the symptom is expressed.

When we open to more Life-Force, there is a pressure placed on all of the old structures. The experience of this pressure could be described as pain. This is extremely difficult until we see clearly what it is showing us. In my case, I can no longer think or perceive in the old way. Even a micro-second there is deeply painful. Like touching an electric fence, the lesson here is to stop touching the old.

Your self will create physical symptoms to reveal its holding. What I mean by this is that you can find where and how you are identified by looking at your symptoms. This is a constant process and inquiry for us and we are certainly not experts. But so far our tracking us revealed great resolutions. The power of the mind in translating the process of embodiment has created many short-cuts along the way.

More to come soon.

Until then,



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