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What Is Integrity?

Let's talk about Integrity, not as a concept, but as a mechanical aspect of evolution. Integrity is defined as the alignment with the Heart's Vision. So, we need to first ask: What is the Heart's Vision? What is my Heart doing? Or maybe, what is my Soul doing? You might notice that, if you really go into what your Heart is wanting to express, there is joy, passion and creativity. You might also notice that if you go even deeper into the Heart, there is what we might call 'the Will.' The Will is not personal; it is the quality of Spirit endlessly birthing all of creation through the sacrificial impulse.

I cannot speak about the Will in a personal way, because it is beyond that - but just contemplate for a second the absolute rush of the ecstasy of sacrifice for the sake of furthering evolution. Contemplate the possibility of giving everything up, of losing it all, just for the sake of filling all of creation with more love. Those that know what I am speaking of do not fear death, loss or devastation, but see these things are portals to even more Life. This particular transmission might provide you with an insight into what we might call the Will. The Will is impersonal, indestructible, invincible; it is Spirit, it is God.

So through that Spirit quality, the Heart's Vision will emerge. The Heart's Vision is essentially the 'unique note' or expression of Spirit. We come to know that Vision when the Brain and Gut work together and translate it. The importance of embodiment is that we come into the sensitivity that is required to actually feel the subtle intricacies and refinements of the Vision. We eventually come to a place where we know our unique Vision and we give everything to bring about its externalisation. In most cases, that Vision can seem so great and so large that our embodiment is seriously tested and widened.

The Heart's Vision begins generally and is then refined. All the while, we come into the capacity that is required to actually hold and move what we are here to do. This means we have to become familiar with the experience of 'standing alone' and calling others into their sovereignty, whereby they can do the same. Someone truly holding and externalising such a Vision is a 'lightning carrier,' in the sense that they are grounding something of such immense voltage that it definably impacts the surrounding world. Such people start to establish 'fields,' much like a Black Hole birthing and energising a whole galaxy.

So, Integrity is simply the sensing into the alignment with the Vision. And this is gradual. It is a continued seeing of wherever energy is being leaked and then the realignment so that the full energy reserve is being applied into what is most True. We leak energy by remaining in dynamics that are based in the lack of sovereignty, whereby we are required to play particular roles or plug particular holes in order for things to work. True sovereignty is the case when everyone together is standing whole. There are no energetic leaks and thus whatever is carried forth within the group is more potent and sustainable.

The key is the sensitivity to when energy is leaking outside of or beyond the Heart's Vision. And because of all the inherited conditioning, there are likely many places where this is happening. Integrity is the case when we can see what is going on and make the necessary realignments. This is not comfortable; sometimes it is very uncomfortable. But the result is always greater ease, harmony, abundance and beauty - and by standing with such sovereignty we start to call others into their own, even if initially there is disagreement or disapproval. Here, we might endure aloneness, in making the decision to remain True.

In many ways, this is about sensing the 'You' that is emerging and being necessitated by the Heart's Vision. The becoming of that 'You' is the result of staying in Integrity.

By: James Marshall.

Photo: Unknown.


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