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Unpacking Masculine Realisation

What are some of the core components of Masculine Realisation? We hear words like 'emptiness,' 'silence' and 'space.' But at the core of Masculine Realisation is the Heart. This is a quality of the Masculine that is present in Life, and therefore not detached or disembodied. I feel strongly that, of all aspects of the Masculine, the capacity to be the voice of the innermost heart is the key. This capacity is about service; it is about the reorientation away from Life being about 'me,' to Life being solely about the Whole. It is a sacrificial fire that will readily put to the side personal comfort for the sake of being True.

Such a quality of the Masculine could be described as 'the opener of the moment.' It is loving penetration; it is the exploding open of limitation; it is the fierceness to speak and live honestly even in the face of misunderstanding. This is where Life is lived so fully because there is an immediate awareness of physical death. There is an awareness that nothing is permanent and thus there is no use in living in a way that is guided by fear. Through this particular quality, the Soul is actually discovered and the evolutionary process can begin to unfold. The Soul is the 'true self' and its movement is simply threatening to everything that is bound by limitation.

So, someone who is alive with this Masculine quality can stand in a space and speak in such a way that can align the entire moment. This is Masculine leadership; the willingness to speak and do what is most needed for the sake of opening and furthering evolution and progress. Look at those people who are standing up in the world and sharing an important message, while often enduring conflict, misunderstanding and sometimes even hatred, and you will find the quality of such immense leadership. This is all about seeing through the small self and speaking only from that which is deeper, larger, more immense. It is about the right wielding of the sword of clarity.

In another way, it is about passionate living. It is about seeing we do not have a lot of time... we are not here forever. Our physical bodies will soon give way and die. So what are we doing? Why are we not awake? Why are we hiding away and being small?!

I speak to you from the deathless zone

Broken, split, torn apart

My personal preferences cast away

Burned through to the core by this unfathomable roar.

I am a Lion.

Make no mistake about it.

My chest is an open portal

Through which immense fire is racing;

I am wild, untameable, beyond measure.

I took off the head of my self

And became the self.

In any space, in any moment,

In any town, country or planet,

I am the Source

I am electricity. I am fire. I am Spirit.

I am the opener, the initiator, the catalyst.

I am the invincibility of immortality

Being known through this physical form.

I am the movement of the Life

Enduring beyond all death.

By: James Marshall.

Art: Unknown.

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