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True Partnership

The reason why Risa and I have continued to grow very fast together with relative harmony is that our partnership is not built on the personal. The personal is part of our relationship, yes, but it was never the core. If we had moved solely based on the personal, the difficulties encountered along the way would have been far too determinative of our future direction. Instead, we truly came together based on an indestructible, impersonal love.

What we have seen in this journey is the unfolding of the principles of the Masculine and Feminine. We both have cultivated the inner relationship, whereby the Masculine has been refined in such a way where the deeper wisdom of the Heart and Body is listened to and brought into manifestation. The result has been a pulling out of the Authority of Mind and an arrival into the Authority of Essence. Descending down has revealed the Essence of Man and Woman.

What we have seen is the way Risa's Intuitive Knowing that it is time to drop or descend has actually pulled me down more into my Heart. Sometimes, she has come to me and said: 'It is time to drop...' without even really knowing why, but when I have been humble enough to listen, there has been a transformation in both of our bodies and the partnership as a whole. She has become more of a Woman and I have become more of a Man.

This is the most accurate way of partnership, because the reflection work from Woman within a strong container has the effect of inspiring and bringing Man down into his Heart. When Man is inspired more deeply into his Heart, He can truly see Woman in wholly new ways and this has the effect of supporting her growth and flowering but also strengthening the partnership. Eventually, we simply see the unfolding of the Masculine and Feminine principles within one Being.

We are one Being, or one Body, because Risa is calling me down and when I descend I support her growth. Her reflection is the gateway to the blossoming of our partnership. Her reflection is what can inspire me into the direction of my Heart, and from that place I can lead the partnership more fully within the world. Her reflection is an invitation into the core-direction of the partnership. This part is worth speaking about in more detail because it is so important.

I saw in myself so much frustration, hatred or generally resistance when it came to Risa's reflections. It took time to actually see what was being made possible. Her reflections have supported our descent together and strengthened our partnership, but are now also resulting in the birth of a lot of work together.

– James Marshall.

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