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This Is Existence Speaking...

Consider for a moment that you – whoever you are – have only known one reference point. That reference point has been the 'me' that you have believed yourself to be. But when that 'me' started to go through suffering and pain – when it started to struggle and experience difficulty – it gradually became less solid. The 'me' that was engaged in living a life became so rubbed down by the difficulty that it gave up. Buckminster Fuller called this "egocide" – it is what can happen when the 'me' is quite simply done.

In a way, then, I want to say to you that if you are experiencing struggle and difficulty, then you are on the right track. You on the path to opening up beyond one limited viewpoint. But you are first seeing just how much suffering and pain that viewpoint has caused you. Some call this viewpoint the "life narrative" - it is the living out of the accumulated conditioning that has held this 'you' in place. But there will come a time where that 'you' is fluidised, where it is cracked so completely that the stream of infinity can enter.

That stream is the true energy of Existence; it is the real you, beyond the one viewing point that you have identified with up until now. That stream is the creational force; it is the whole-body recognition that you are truly Everything – that even your apparent physicality is actually merged into the soil and air. You might realise what you are gradually – an opening of a sense of interconnection might take place. You might feel that, in the deepest relaxation, you are totality moving. The potency of this is such that even in the non-doing of your human physical body, your wider – or true body – is still moving.

Let's explore this aspect more.

If there has been a cracking through to what you are as Existence, then the qualities of that will start to in-form the mental plane. The brain is thereby put through a transformation where the 'source' from where it is thinking and perceiving is the totality of Existence, rather than the limited view of 'me.' The limited 'me' thought in very familiar ways – usually ways based in negativity, contraction, limitation. However, thinking from / as Existence is unlimited – it truly has the effect of turning all of the old constructs upside down, revealing that the impossible is not just possible; it is available now.

I cannot communicate this in such a way that a separate 'me' will understand. This 'me' has to be dissolved to glimpse into what I am speaking about here. The 'me' is built on top of a sense of baseline separation. When that separation is met as a pure feeling, the 'me' is dissolved and sense perception (including thought, feeling and movement) is sourced in a deeper, unified energy. One way of saying this is: Sense perception is rooted in the creational force of Everything – beyond time and space. Thus, in a way, thinking and seeing is always happening from a place whereby everything has already happened.

Can you taste the profundity of what I am sharing? If there is such a full dissolving of the 'me,' then the source of sense perception is the eternal foundation of creativity. I could also say that this is about constant synthesis – the feeling you momentarily experience when something is inwardly 'resolved' or 'completed' is made constant. Everything is thus in a constant flow of completion, all in the process of being resolved into the one eternal Now. What then might we say about your creative capacity? What is available to you? In short, Everything – but you will notice how creativity is innately joyful.

Wherever there is the most enjoyment, there will be an in-forming of creation. Thus, enjoyment is the key to you unlocking the true creational vortex. But real enjoyment is made available to you when you open up to what you are as Existence.

This is Existence speaking. Thank you for listening.

By: James Marshall.

Art: Unknown.


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