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The Mechanics Of The Head-Space

There has not been a comprehensive detailing of the head space offered anywhere yet. There are some details here and there, but nothing comprehensive. And because the head space is central to our true emergence, we have to deal with it. In this post, I will seek to offer a mechanical detailing of the brain, so you may leave with an understanding of how to deal with it.

1. We Cannot See What We Are Within.

We most easily miss or exclude the head space because it is so 'close.' When we experience sensations in other parts of the body there is a sense of 'otherness' in relation to them because (in a way) they are further away, at a distance. The head space is different because we have often found ourselves so centered within it. I can look down with attention into the heart, belly, sexuality, root, and yet I struggle most to look up into the brain. This is because I am, in a way, looking back at the structures that overlay that which is looking.

2. Head Space Work Therefore Requires An Expansion Of Consciousness.

When we bring attention down into lower parts of the body, there can feel to a relationship happening between head <> body. The head, where attention is centered, is focusing downwards into places in the body. To enter into the head, however, the game is slightly and subtly different. We have to set up another relationship, this time between Pure Soul and Brain. To make this clear, I need to illustrate the way Conditioned Mind becomes Soul-Infused Mind and then Soul-Infused Mind becomes Pure Soul.

  • Conditioned Mind: This is the default conditioned activity of most human beings. It is essentially 'the matrix' received in from the collective consciousness, playing largely on autopilot within the brain. This structure is concerned only with its survival because its very existence is hooked into the collective imagery. Therefore, the conditioned mind has no interest whatsoever in individuating. Its range of attention is limited by a strong selfishness.

  • Soul-Infused Mind: This is the result of life-altering activity that brings the conditioned mind under the dominion of love. It is a huge development in the life of a practitioner. It is essentially a development that signifies that the individual is prepared to do whatever it takes to emerge authentically. This is not insignificant and yet it is still a threshold point. Crossing through this phase will allow the body to undergo deep healing because the individual has a sense that he or she is doing this for a bigger purpose, or love.

  • Pure Soul: The practitioner eventually realises that in order to completely emerge, there must be a going beyond the brain construct all together. The Soul-Infused Mind is unable to penetrate the deepest levels of the brain and so another relationship must be established, this time between Pure Soul and Brain. The Soul-Infused Mind is still centered on a "me" – a "me" looking into the body, a "me" selflessly loving, and so on. On Pure Soul I will now speak.

3. Pure Soul.

Pure Soul is above or outside of the "me" reference entirety. It is finding out what has relationship to that "me" and relocating attention entirely to that wider or higher point. In some traditions there is reference of this as the watcher watching the watcher. This is equal to stepping outside of the box, or matrix, all together. It is the setting up of a relationship very similar to the connection between third eye and the chakras below. Essentially, what I am saying here is that dismantling the brain right at the core will require a going beyond it all together.

4. Keys:

  • Connect into the height or width surrounding the "me" centered in the Brain. Continually go outside of that "me" point. This is not limited to the Ajna centre or third eye. We will see eventually that there is identification stored in numerous pockets of the Brain. Notice that identification and see what has relationship to it.

  • Active detailing of the identification. Study it incessantly. Understand what is going on inside of it. Do not just accept it at face value. The detailed investigation of this will allow for the movement beyond it.

  • Action. Whenever there is a glimpse of the higher watcher, there will be an expanded view accorded for the movements you can take relevant to your Soul. Remember this is equal to you stepping out of 'concrete mind,' including time and space, all together, so take advantage of it and record the visions. Then act. The action will strengthen the recognition you have of Pure Soul, or the higher watcher.




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