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The Finality of Listening

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

To listen is to know the Truth of my Heart. When I know the Truth of my Heart, I also know that I have to follow it – and in that sense, there is a finality that I can no longer avoid or delay. I have to follow that listening, even if it is misunderstood. Usually, it is misunderstood by the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness has its own momentum which is driven primarily by fear and an inaccurate relationship to Existence. When I move from the Heart, which is to say, move solely based on Life, I end up going against the collective. I end up seeming radical, or maybe even a little crazy, but ultimately all I am doing is listening and following the deeper authority.

So, there does come a time when we have to live from that authority. This is challenging because the old authority – the fearful authority – is very much embedded by mental, emotional and physical conditioning. The old authority is caught in limitation, in justifications for not living, in smallness, in compromise, in bending. The new authority is Life itself – it is passionate, fiery and urgent. It is a raw and real demand for Love and the fulfilment of potential in everyone and everything. It is courageous. It has no regard for age, occupation, 'roles,' or external authorities. When the Heart is speaking, it is the only authority and it is undeniable.

Tear these chains from around my Heart

Let the pulse of this inner roar strengthen

I am ready to hear it

I am prepared to be it

I cannot go forward compromising what I know

I know what is true!

I know Life

And while others might be able to live without courage

Or live small and shrivelled

As if they have fallen asleep

I cannot... I will not.

I cast away all external authority

And I listen only to the internal

I listen only to my Heart.

I once cared about being misunderstood or judged;

Now I do not.

Let others come with their reasons, or blame

And all the apparent limitations.

When I listen closely, all I hear is Life -

All I know is incredible passion

All I feel is a surging urgency

Because I am a roaring Heart

A Heart unafraid of death

A Heart unafraid of loss

A Heart courageous enough to truly inspire.

By: James Marshall

Image: Unknown.


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