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The Evolutionary Impulse – Devotion to Love

(Transmission on the heart principle - get a cup of tea, relax, and allow space for deep reading...)

There are many phases to dissolving identity and expanding the Heart-Space. This is where we discover the muscle of Love, as both the tender, gentle burning of sweet human care (which I find to be, perhaps, the ‘feminine’ heart), and the evolutionary burning fire of Spirit, as a core driver of spiritual expansion (The Masculine principle – God). The latter brings much heat – quite literally – as the pain of the heart cracks open a portal to Spirit/Soul, that we could liken to the Sun. The Sun is hot, and is in many ways the Source of our Lives here on Earth as Humans, yet of course, you cannot Live on the Sun…

The evolutionary heart brings about the activation of ones own spiritual maturation. This heart-awakening delivers one to the universal Love beyond material life; the ‘off-ground’ sense of unity and oneness, a sense of pure ‘light’, and eternal OK-ness. What some would call the Christ Consciousness. It begins the deeper unfolding of ones own actualisation of Soul. It does this, because the awakening to the Eternal Love Beyond begins the releasing of identification with the body. It is not to escape from the body, of course (though many have fallen trap to the merging with spirit at the expense of their human Lives), but instead, a gradual process of deepening ones own realisation to be the essence of spirit themselves. The deepening of the heart is a deepening of the revelation of Source-Beyond-Matter, as the True-Seed from which all aspects of Reality stem from (think of the Sun and Sperm principles in our manifested reality - while the Mother holds the intelligence, she would be unable to move without this seed-of-life, that is Him).

This brings about the recognition of the limitlessness of ones own nature, as infinite consciousness. This activation is what begins the strengthening of the ‘Love-muscle’; the development of consciousness as the masculine, which in turn allows for Matter (feminine, and in this case, specifically the body) to begin its process of transfiguration. Divine Love as Pure Consciousness brings us the capacity to become the True Magician, that works with the properties of Nature to bring Beauty into Form. The purification and healing of the human body, with all its karma, ancestral/cultural inheritance, and trauma, is now allowed to open to Love, to have its cells become re-written and healed.

This is the subconscious opening to consciousness. The subconscious, as feminine, is deeply intelligent, and will NOT open before ones own consciousness is strong enough to handle it. This is why it is a great trap to dive deep into the subconscious before one has become strong enough in both their Love, Presence, and Discernment (masculine consciousness) to meet, hold and make-love-enough to matter, to bring about her true liberation and healing, allowing her to burst forth as pure creational force, manifesting complete Beauty and Integrity. Awakening to this heart, as we have spoken about, requires the meeting of that pain, the heartbreak, and the deep longing for greater Love. This longing is very much the feminine principle of the Body-as-Matter (this is true for Men also), and it is a very vulnerable yet powerful naked place to meet in us. The longing is exactly what calls the Beloved in. The human body (feminine) calling in its higher essence, its creator, as God.

* * *

In our relationships, the connection to this Principle must be at the foundation of our relating. As most of you have already experienced, we do have these connections in Soul that activate the intense passion of heart-fire, where Life throws two people together, and something much greater than them begins to move-through them, creating a container for the next phase of their unfolding. This is a great grace from Being when this happens. It is Love beyond Romance, Love beyond personal selfishness or wanting from other. I have known people to have spoken about Love and God, but have actually turned away in fear from these offerings from Life when they appear. This goes to show that this kind of Love is not of the personal fantasy or romance, but is exactly that which, in its strength of Love, will bring up some of the most challenging places in us, as humans. This is because the universal principle of Love/God, when we surrender to it, will take us where we need to go to grow and evolve in our unfolding as Love/Soul. As we have said, relationship is one of the most – if not THE most – powerful containers for this unfolding. It seems to me also, to be a path that more and more people are called to, as the rise of the Feminine Principle is calling for embodiment of Soul, so that He can be brought all the way down into the Earth, so that She can actually manifest throughout the world as Love-and-Truth in form (because the manifested world is Her domain, but she needs Love to be nourished enough to grow).

Those who get stuck in the burning Fire of Evolutionary God-Love often do so from a place of an Egoic attachment to feeling a constant state of that blissful, off-ground oneness. God becomes a drug, in other words. The fire of the God-Love has an intelligence of how it operates through the body, and indeed, to really merge properly with Source, we have to listen to the body, as well. Just as you will get burned on the surface of the sun, grasping desperately to the intensity of the Fire-principle will bring about egoic delusion, as well as often deep and unnecessary pain within the body. This occurs because the Heart-Fire principle activates the pain of Matter as the rising subconscious. But it will manifest as a constant bodily pain if there is a failure to integrate, ground, and heal the body properly, after the activation of the Heart-Fire. You can see this in many of the Christian mystics, who cultivated great heart, but never got beyond it, and so lived their lives in deep pain and bodily disease, using the fire principle to escape the reality of their bodies. A sincere intention, but not integrated, and certainly denying of the Joy of She.

You can see in the honest surrender to the cycles a natural balance; evolutionary expansion that sets in motion great healing, awakening, revelation, and vast downloads of universal wisdom… and the time of gentle, tender integration, allowing space for the deep pains and aches of the human vessel to rise, and be dealt with responsibly and maturely (this is often what is referred to as the dark night of the soul, and in my experience, we go through many many rounds of this – not just one). Here, our devotion to Love is not just limited to surrendering to the Fire, but seeing instead the TRUE PURPOSE of surrendering to Fire, which is to grow strong enough in Love to penetrate and enter Matter. To bring HIM into HER.

I have seen it happen many times where people in their relationships are brought together with this principle, but one or both end up preferencing the feeling of that initial impulse that brought them together. Then, when that fire dies-down (as it does in allowing for the integration phase), the ego, in its arrogance, choses to turn away from the true initiation into actualising the Divine Love they have realised, in Form. The immature masculine consciousness (ego) turning away from the feminine.

It is really something, isn’t it? So many ways the ego gets stuck in an idea about what Truth or Love is, rather than seeing the whole scope of Loves unfolding…

When James and I met, we had about a month of intense fire. Rapid downloads, very fast dissolving of egoic layers, telepathy, the erotic sharing of spirit-entering-matter… we wrote spectacular poetry to each other... We were realising the One Life through each other. It was not about me or him as individuals… we were God, Loving itself through our human eyes. We were just vessels, only saying ‘yes’ on our part to allow the process to move through us freely, despite angles of fear or resistance. Oneness, No Separation. Some of you have no doubt experienced this, indeed.

After that month of this heat, however, began the descent. And the learning of Love has not had so much of this Fire principle. It was obvious to me what needed to be done, and in my surrender to God fully, stayed humble to what the process was asking of us. And to be honest, I couldn’t have handled too much more of that intensity. It really has to be integrated, or it causes great stress on the body.

James and I are still integrating the intensity of that one-month burst, nearly 2 years later. Within that, however, have been many smaller heart cycles, the meeting with the Mother, and the development of the mature, compassionate tenderness of the simple human relating. (Also, the meeting of death and emptiness – but this will be something to explore a little later.) I am grateful to have stayed committed in this, despite the varying challenges and demands of the process. Totally, totally worth it. The Heart principle activates the Divine Warrior, my dears. Think of the passion of Jesus, crucified on the cross, and still burning with Love of the creation, accepting his fate as God guided him, and never cowering from that request, despite the objections from his smaller self. The Love of Divine Truth was chosen, again and again, over the fears and preferences of the smaller self (remember, God as parent…). So while we must go down into Human, we must stay connected to this Love, even as a matter of principle, when we find ourselves in those times where the fire doesn’t burn intensely.

* * *

So, some questions for your contemplations…

  1. What is your honest relationship to the intensity of the warrior-spirit principle, the Divine Passion? Is it something you know of, or something that still feels a little hazy? Is it something you have felt, but perhaps haven’t allowed for a deeper surrender and communion with this energy, to really listen to its teaching?

  2. Have you experienced the longing I mentioned? For greater Love, in whatever shape it may take… longing for a more loving world, a more enriching life, a better life for those who come after you? A longing to have a deeply powerful Love in your life, either in your life work, or with another human? Can you bring yourself to a deeper honesty about that longing? How does it appear for you?

  3. Have you known yourself to fall into any of the identification traps I have spoken about?

  4. Do you find yourself turning away from this principle in fear or resistance, in whatever shape those stories may manifest? If so, what are they (the stories of fear/resistance)? What arises in you in stepping into an allowance of a true surrender to this guiding principle of life?

Wishing you tender love and care, my dears. Risa xx (excerpt from relating course)

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