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The Definitive Point of Cellular Change

When we are entering into the subconscious, we are meeting mental, emotional and physical conditioning. We are also meeting varying degrees or depths of that conditioning. On one view, it might be said that the deepest conditioning is rooted in our physicality. It is beyond the movement of emotion; it is cellularly embedded in such a way that our bodies 'become' it. Where there is trauma and deeper conditioning, then the physical body itself is very difficult to occupy. There are dead zones in many places. We might struggle to breathe or walk or even maintain focus.

That is one way in which deeply cellular conditioning can be described. Another way of describing it is to say that the 'worldview' of the 'me' is often underpinning by certain conditioning. The analogy of the looping projector reel is useful here. If I am stuck in a loop, projecting or perpetuating a similar experience, then likely there is something - a deeper feeling - that I have to meet. Maybe there is the feeling of trauma (freeze/flight/fight/fawn) that I have to sensorially touch in my system. Maybe there are feelings of helplessness, loneliness, separation or grief.

But the first step is that there must be a willingness to see and to meet these places. Everything I am writing here will be redundant unless the reader has the willingness. That willingness, in my experience, is born through the glimpse or sensing of self realisation. Self realisation is the opening of my God Nature through the core of the Heart, such that I see very clearly that I am not this limited self, but I am beyond it, larger than it, more immense than it. Such a glimpse into my God Nature is how the urge, hunger or thirst for full-bodied awakening is made possible.

Thus this process is about the intersection between awakening and healing - and specifically, Spirit actually activating the process of transfiguring the psyche and body. I am not going to speak much more about the opening of self realisation here, but you can read about it in other blogs on this website. The core point is that through self realisation, I start to know what I am and this is gradually infused into my psyche and body, initiating cellular change. This cellular change is the result of my God Nature entering deeply into the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

So, in this entering, we come to a point of 'definitive change.' This definitive change is when Spirit has so entirely infused Itself into Matter that there is no longer any separation between the two. The immensity of Spirit has become the physical body and thereby it is changed, expanded, grown and strengthened beyond the previous limitations. Physical illness, postural challenges, digestive issues, skin issues, breathing problems - all of this can be resolved simply through arriving at the definitive point whereby the old patterning has been so fully uprooted.

I can speak to this directly after a recent experience of physical change. I had chronic eczema and psoriasis for nearly three years. These conditions always activated when I was not fully occupying my Brain. Even though my Mind was silent, the general lack of occupation within the entire Brain actually resulted in bodily unrest. What emerged was a very young boy - lost, confused and unsure - and this started to reflect through the body, with itchiness and scratching. The definitive point of change was in seeing this and starting to completely hold focus through the Brain.

What transpired felt like a 'final push' or growing pain out of the pattern. It felt like cellular change precisely because I could feel this body as a whole becoming something wider, larger and stronger. Essentially, the main point is that we can and do reach 'transition points,' whereby there is the opportunity to completely uproot the old conditioning. Awareness is the first step. Deeper and deeper entering into the mental, emotional and physical structures is the second. Eventually, those structures give way and reveal what is True.

In this way, there is one further point to add. Healing is not just about the process of entering; it is about what is activating through the core of that entering. If Consciousness is brought into a strong physical pattern what might be revealed is a 'new' energy at the core. If I enter into heartbreak, for example, an impersonal or indestructible Love might emerge from the inside. If I enter into strong stomach pain, an enduring compassion and warmth might start to open and envelop the body. Healing is a two-channeled process.

Working with healing as a two-channeled process is what can give rise to complete cellular change. This blog is concerned with moment or moments where it is clearly possible to lift out of the old pattern - even if very dense and physical - and become the new.

By: James Marshall.

Art: Unknown.


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