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The Brain Supporting The Body

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

There is the specific work of meeting mental, emotional and physical conditioning within the body, yet much of the time this is not understood mechanically. As part of the body we have to include the physical brain structure, which is different to the mind. The physical brain is where some of our most deeply rooted imprinting of Consciousness is held. The brain and head generally is where 'outside threat' is registered. It is also where we engage in habitual thought and perceptual patterning that can leave the rest of the body feeling unsafe, abandoned, rejected and so forth.

Simply put, we must deal with the brain and the head structure. In this work, we do not get concerned with the content of thought, but we seek to go to what is deeper: The energetic, physical structure that is underpinning a given thought form or perceptual world view. We also meet the animal brain directly as a structure and it can start to relax and widen into more Space. This work is absolutely essential for the overall wellbeing of the body, and it cannot be left out of the equation. In this post, I want to elucidate some of the keys with regard to working with the brain in this way.

Key 1: The Brain is designed to serve the Body.

The brain is part of the body, but to be even more specific, the brain is designed to serve the overall functioning of the body. If I have a mind that is running rampant in every direction, because the physical structure of my brain is contracted and compacted, then the rest of my body will feel unsafe, abandoned, neglected, rejected and at threat. This is especially noticeable if I have done some work to actually sensitive my body, so that I can feel the impact even one thought has on it. Then, if I go deeper, I can start to see that there are whole perceptual structures that are negatively impacting my body.

My work is to enter into those thought and perceptual structures and bring about their dissolution. The result will be that my brain is emptied out of the old structures and filled with more space, silence and emptiness. My mind - emerging out of my brain - will no longer run off in its own direction and leave the rest of my body out of the equation. This is intelligent in the sense that the body's intelligence and sensitivity is the source of all the necessary feedback. Put simply, if my body is constantly unsafe, feeling threatened, abandoned or rejected, I need to deal with my brain! I need to re-condition my brain in such a way that it is a protecter, a carer, a lover of my body.

Key 2: The Brain is one of the main houses of Consciousness.

I can open up to a strong love through my heart - a love that is fuelled by a great willingness to be with whatever is activated in my system - but if this does not touch into my brain, then there will still be the old tendencies to reject, control, abandon or neglect the body. We have to see that, at a young age, the brain internalises a substantial amount of external information. Ideas, thoughts, etc., are all received in through the head structure and solidify as particular worldview(s). So, even if my heart has opened up to something beyond those worldview(s), the reality is that they are still predominating my brain and thus require attention.

Some core facets of the brain and head include:

  1. The brain is where space (or the lack thereof) is registered. The head can either feel spacious and open or 'closed in on' by the outside world. This closing in is simply the feeling quality of the physical structure in the head that was formed based on the conditions we experienced as children. If mother or father gave me no space, or rushed me, or always interrupted me, or punished me often, then I will feel that through my brain and head. The crown, front, back and sides of the head are where space (or lack thereof) is experienced.

  2. The brain is where emptiness (or lack thereof) is registered. Most people are walking around filled with incessant thought. Incessant thought is the result of a contracted brain, but can also be fuelled by other points of tension stored within the body. Ultimately, this is why we have to look at the whole body. But eventually, in entering deeply into tension/contraction within the body, the formless nature of everything is discovered. In the head, the eye-balls particularly are relaxed to such an extent that the projection of 'labelled form' is ended.

  3. The brain is eventually 'controlled' (if we can use that word) by the will of the heart. This will is the sword that can cut through thought and perception. It is also the 'staying power' that can support us to keep meeting and relaxing physical contraction within the body as a whole. Gradually, the heart is revealed as the 'boss' of the brain - and the brain is transformed into an absolute nourisher and supporter of the body. The brain (giving rise to the mind) will no longer move thought or perception if it is harmful for the body. The old brain is thus sacrificed in order to ensure the nourishment of the body.

Key 3: The brain and bodily safety.

The brain is designed to be the protector of the body. To use an example, if a human being is caring for a dog, then the innate responsibility is to care for that dog - not abandon, reject or neglect it. This is a very important key, because most people have a mind that is running rampant and creating a lot of unsafety in the body. In this way, the mind has to be controlled - and it is controlled through re-conditioning the physical brain structure. This is of utmost importance to ensuring the safety of the body. The body will never feel safe until the brain has been transfigured into its true form.

So, we must re-condition the brain. Make the brain stronger, more focused, more disciplined, more concentrated, more relaxed. Here, it is not good enough to just let thought 'float through awareness.' We need to enter thought and perception and dissolve it at its root so that there can be a discovery of the brain's true function: To serve the body. Some question pointers might be helpful here:

  1. How often to I lose concentration on a task?

  2. How affected do I feel by the 'outside world'?

  3. What thoughts or perceptions do I hold about my self or 'other' that I would be better off dissolving?

  4. Can I commit deeply to silence for the sake of my body's wellbeing?

It is insane to me that people talk about awakening and embodiment while completely leaving the brain out of the picture. It is impossible to be truly embodied if the brain is running loose with all the old thought and perceptual structures. We have to take a radical responsibility as the Masculine in order to properly care for the Feminine. In a way, this is about a sacrifice of the old limited Consciousness, such that the true Consciousness can emerge and take true care of the body.


James [Art: Unknown]


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