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Sovereignty In The World And Financial Power

It is one thing to realise that you are an individual; it is another to do what must be done to allow that individuality to externalise. We are not truly free until we have made that freedom known both inside and outside. This is why I have been in the preparatory ground over the last 6-7 years, specifically in the areas of money and investing. It is completely clear to me that our world is run based on an illusory hierarchical structure. That hierarchical structure is characterised by high levels of financial control. Those individuals, families and companies that possess large financial reserves essentially 'sit outside' of conventional culture.

In sitting outside of conventional culture, many of the usual rules and regulations do not apply. Technically speaking, we might argue and say: The rules and regulations do apply to these individuals, families and companies. But the situation right now is such that wealth = worldly power, and money can be utilised to quickly resolve any breach of rules and regulations. The result? The wealthy essentially operate within a zone outside of the normal world and can (and do) escape many of the penalties and ramifications that burden most people.

Our recognition of this situation can evoke two responses. The first is to fight the way it is: I cannot believe that these people can get away with what they do. The criticism of this approach is that we are creating a substantial separation between 'us' and 'them.' We are holding a position and essentially saying that what the wealthy possess, we cannot possess – and therefore we must fight for them to change. The result is that we protest the 1%, introduce hefty taxation laws, and so on. On the flip-side, this approach is arguably a doorway to deeper empathy for and with the fellow man.

Many people who seek to 'fight the system' seek to do so from a place of wanting to help. There are many beautiful people that feel the injustice in the world and indeed many great initiatives have emerged as a result. I write this here because I want to acknowledge that rallying beyond the common cause of fighting the system can have have a positive impact, too: It can bond us; it can (to a degree) be heart expanding. But ultimately, this approach is not completely integrated and it will never be the answer to worldly change. People can attempt to fight from this place and yet never truly access inward and outward sovereignty.

The second approach is to enter into the system and accumulate masses of financial power. This can be useful because it can liberate us out of the constraints that many people experience. Under this approach, financial ramifications are not a threat. For example – if an individual becomes extremely wealthy they are no longer threatened by penalties associated with 'breaking rules.' Being locked up in prison is always an option, but with financial reserves, the very highest quality of legal aid can be sought. There is undoubtedly a level of freedom that can be accessed here.

The downside of the second approach by itself is that, many of the folks that take it, actually become more separate and cut-off from their fellow man. They lose the sense of empathy with those that are rallying together to fight the system. They become arrogant and look down on those that are struggling, or they do not take active steps to help empower others to accumulate financial power. The shadow of this approach can be a certain kind of harsh coldness and dismissal of those that struggle inside of the system. This type of condescension equally perpetuates the "us" and "them" dynamic and is not integrated.

There is, however, a third approach. This approach is inclusive of the recognition of the pain many experience within the system, as well as the invitation to become hugely financially empowered. It is compassion, but also fierce direction. It is: "I understand that the system is broken, but integrate yourself enough to be liberated within it, because only then can you actually help." In short, the third approach is the way of true wisdom. It is recognition that nothing is ever sustainably achieved from a point of separation, and that change is occurred through direct transformation, meaning we must become it all.

I am not concerned about the times that are coming. This is because I have spent years working to prepare myself mentally, emotionally and physically to hold greater sums of money. This is not a time to get caught up resisting the government; it is a time to become empowered enough to be free within whatever is about to occur. It is also for this reason that I do not agree with forming communities 'outside' of the collective, as we are starting to see more in the form of eco-villages and such. I do not doubt that these communities are well-intentioned, but the basis of their origination is still a retraction, and for that reason I have doubts about their long-term sustainably.

The pressure of world constraint is going to come harder and faster than ever. Will you rise, within yourself, to be free and sovereign within that constraint, or not? I know what decision I am making.



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