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Solarisation & Anima Mundi

Serving the function as a mediator of sorts, I am often tasked with burning questions that do not leave me be concerning the figuring out of particular relationships. The relationship between the Higher and Lower, between subtly and density, clarity and the mystery, Him and Her. It is to some degree a task that all modern women face as the rising world soul – Anima Mundi – is attempting to burst forth through our unconscious in response to the strengthening force of the masculine.

In my own life I fell into an initiation from Anima Mundi as so many unawakened women do who are unconsciously responding to the quiet call of their own essence. This looked like an almost life-destroying relationship and possession by a pathological figure. Not an uncommon experience. At the time I was accompanied by many archetypal dreams, a scorning from Persephone, and was confronted by snakes both in the dream world and in real life. I had no idea what was going on at the time consciously, yet a part of my quiet animus was paying closed attention, watching everything without fully believing it, with a basic underlying awareness: "You are playing out a story, my girl, a story that is not in fact real... we will soon understand, and this hell shall cease."

In the aftermath of my complete disintegration (James cracks up as I read this sentence to him!), I was fortunate enough to take a proper look at my existence and to take ownership of the inner light – eros, the masculine, the animus, the Soul – and took proper initiation into evolutionary intelligence. For those that know the story, this is what lead to my meeting James and beginning the proper path of descension into the soil to come not only to know Him, but also Her.

Women are tasked with the unique opportunity at this time to serve a mediating function between consciousness and the unconscious, the realm of the Known – Spirit, as the Blueprint – and the wisdom of the mystery, the intelligence of magic, that which actually builds creation. In the rising Anima Mundi, gender relations on the surface are incredibly hostile. The emergence of the true Feminine Soul, the Earth Being of which our humanness renders us completely apart of, brings to the surface all of our distortions & projections – the reality of our immaturity in the ways in which our patterns of anima/animus are still tied up in our parental imprints and projections outward from ourselves. From this angle, we can see the greater global context for suffering in relationships, dynamics with Narcissists, disturbances in family and work life. All of these pieces which we have neglected to sort out in the separation from the Truth, and the refusal for us to take responsibility for our own lives and what we are creating in them. All of these difficult experiences are showing us where we need to reclaim the parts of ourselves that we have lost.

Solarisation describes that aspect of the ascending consciousness. This was the beginning of the salvation of my life. To become Solar is to see that our human existence is not the be all and end all, but that there is a part of us that has a transcendent nature, a part of us that is only concerned with helping humanity and bringing greater love to human life. Giordano Bruno was burned alive by the Church for claiming that the Earth was not the centre of the galaxy, but that we were revolving around the Sun! In much the same way, understanding our nature as the transcendent and eternal requires the willingness go beyond our egocentricism and to embrace our participation in a cosmic unfolding that is far greater than our immediate human lives – something very confronting for the ego that would rather remain caught up in its own self-obsessed preoccupation.

People who resist the aspect of ascension in the themselves for whatever reason are merely neglecting the part of their own masculine realisation, an aspect of their own infinite potentiality and sun-like quality. It is no better than those who cling to ascension and avoid facing the unconscious or wisdom aspect that is so directly accessed, contrarily to the soul, through entering into the ultimate mysterious darkness. Those who claim devotion to the feminine who have not experienced solarisation in some degree can not truly have any real relationship to the feminine. A consciousness unaware of its own nature (as the masculine), stands no chance in hell of confronting the pain, sorrow, fear, joy and power of the mystery feminine. An unawakened consciousness will get completely lost in the unconscious (psychosis), or in an unfortunate turn of events will reduce and exploit aspects of the feminine to fuel its own egocentric arrogance and immaturity. (Men tend to be more prone to this than women – though understand this as a generalisation – and it is unfortunately a very common pathology for men who think they have a real relationship to the feminine due to their use of drugs and psychedelics. This is an adolescent compensation for what would otherwise be very confronting feelings of fear and inferiority relative to a real feminine reflection.) Unearned wisdom serves as great fuel to the unawakened conscious mind which would sooner denigrate real wisdom in the name of (lower)self protection then confront the terrifying call to mature ones consciousness to see reality as it is, beyond ones complexes and projections. [Note for Women: it is important to sober up to this fact in relationship to your men, and to take ownership of your own masculine.]

But more to the specifics: what does this relationship between individual soul and Anima Mundi look like? When I connect to the causal body in myself through the mind, I receive intuitive downloads of clear thought from the Solar Angel. Here, I get a complete map of the WHAT. What I am meant to do, what my task is, and the creative goal. It is a both a cool thing and a very confronting and overwhelming thing. The soul tells me the essence of my task and what the proper orientation of my aim is, the goal to strive for. But it tells me nothing about HOW to achieve this. The HOW aspect arises from Her. She is, after all, the master of all creation. She creates form from the seed of consciousness. The WHAT is the seed, but not the process itself. I receive intuitive impressions from the unconscious after grounding more into the earth, which happens most typically via the womb during menstruation and also during ovulation (where the grounding occurs via opening the heightened sexual energy). The instructions I receive from the EARTH Soul are often extremely specific, and sometimes (appear to be) quite random. The mind may ask, "why is she telling me to do that? This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the task of my soul." And yet, when I obediently pursue the task, it inevitably pushes me into some important aspect of individuation, whether that is passing through a trauma, confronting a shadow, trying something new – whatever it may be, the wisdom of that step reveals exactly what I needed to grow.

In the long run, this becomes obvious as to how it supports the goal of the Soul – the individuation of the human being at the level of the personality/individuality is the literal creative vehicle for all soul work, and any aspect of fragmentation if left not dealt with will become a hindrance to the soul in some way shape or form down the line. This is what I have seen to be the continued issue with esotericists who attempt to create from the soul alone and neglect a proper journey of the individuation of the personality – they either fail to create their Solar Vision with proper potency, or the shadows of the human psyche overtake the Soul as the unconscious material is always what is made manifest on the physical plane. When we truly understand this, we can see very clearly how is it so easy for teachers, instructors, inventors and what not who have strong Solar influence to suffer greatly at the level of their human life, or cause suffering to others. (This I find certainly to be more a comprehensive view than simply reducing anyone who makes mistakes into the category of 'narcissist.')

Understanding and working out the relationship between the world soul and the individual soul of the human is a task that has been put to me personally to function as a kind of mediator (Gemini Ascendent) and to aid those who are struggling to understand the different forces of operation within themselves and the ways in which a properly understood and actualised relationship is yet to occur. This is also why we emphasis the aspect of One-Bodied Relating to support the emergence of the world-soul aspect to help the healing and realisation of the individual psyche be regarded with as much importance and significance as the goal of the soul.

I'm still deep in the investigation of these aspects and so these pieces as still making themselves clear to me as we go along. But for now, dear reader, I hope this has been somewhat useful...



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