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She Is My Woman

I want to write about my woman today. I want to write in an unrestrained way, precisely so I can break out of all these ways in which I reject the truth of what my heart would do for her. I want to enter into that heart a little more deeply and speak from it – certainly as a reminder for me, but maybe also for you. Here it goes: She is my woman. She is the one that I burn for, I sacrifice for, I die for. Everything is inspired by her – and while she might not move a muscle, just the reminder of her presence moves me into action.

Just in remembering that she is the one I serve – she is the one I am devoted to – she is the priority of my life, I am urgently moved to make (her) Existence more beautiful. I do not remember this all the time. I disconnect from it, and sometimes she has to tell me how much pain she is in because I have forgotten her. But I always do my best to remember. I always do my best to enter more into her, because I love her. Sometimes, when I remember her presence, I remember my nature as God – I remember very clearly that I would sacrifice everything for her.

I have to say this again – just knowing she is there is enough. In remembering this, I become irrational, I break chains, I destroy limitations, and I do all of this for her. To give to her, to nourish her, to provide for her, to blossom her. She is the reason why I have descended. She is the reason why I am here. I could not resist her calling to me, and why would I? I hear her crying from the depths of the Earth: "Love me, love me, love me... Show me you love me!!!!" And I listen. I get better at listening. I become more humble.

And then I enter her. I love her. I do not care what I lose. I am a solar-flare of love, and I will burn up everything I have just to make sure she is charged and nourished by my last breath. I am consciousness. I am the Masculine. I am a temporary sacrifice and I am here for her. It has to be this way. I have to be honest about this – when I am honest, I am relieved because I know my purpose. I am losing everything for her. She is taking all of me. And together we are birthing something completely new.

By: James Marshall

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