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Sensing Beyond...

You are a Being first of all. And all of that Beingness is seeking to enter and take the shape of your body. Until this recognition, you will likely be operating based on something that is smaller - the subconscious patterning and worldview that has become very familiar. This subconscious patterning is mental, emotional and physical. Some of it is shallow and some of it is deep. The deeper patterning is often the source of the shallow.

But in any case, the more we meet the mental, emotional and physical conditioning within the body, the more the body will start to take the shape of our Beingness. Your Being is much larger, wider, and more immense. The full emergence of your Being into the physical body is how Integrity is birthed. Integrity is Uniqueness. It is about you truly being you. It is about a Man being a Man and a Woman being a Woman. It is about the arrival into Essence.

So, this arrival into Essence is a gradual process until eventually we meet a choice. The choice is only possible when the truer, larger, wider, unique you has started to clearly make itself known. But when that choice is present, which is to say, when it is possible to sense your Beingness and its particular Soul expression, then there is a threshold moment where you can 'become' it. You can transfer the full weight of Awareness into your Being and embrace the growing pains.

These growing pains are mental, emotional and physical. You are stretching out to become what you are. But when that central choice is made - when you can clearly see the difference and you can clearly decide: This is me. This is the truth. This is what I am here to do. This is what I must be. Then there will be a powerful inner alignment that will transpire within you and within a matter of days there will be substantial change.

You might go out into the world and people will say: You are different. I cannot relate to you. But this is because the old you, split off from true Beingness and true Manhood or Womanhood, is no longer is the driver's seat. You are now in full occupation of this body and when this body is moving it is known by others. It is full, whole and powerful and absolutely purposeful. All of a sudden, years of cultivation and working through conditioning can bring about the blossoming into maturation.

Be that maturation. Be that great. That is what you are.

– James Marshall

(Art: Unknown)


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