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Seeing from the Core

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

If you are in a transition where you are leaving the surface behind and belonging to the depth, you must stop believing what is seen through the eyes. Until the depth is infused into the seeing-capacity, the eyes will only project and confirm the old. There will be a continued looking out into externality, as if it is something objective and separate from you. When you stop believing what you are seeing, your depth can move up into the eyes and project a new actuality.

That new actuality is the result of you belonging to your depth, which is to say, you belonging to your source, and that flooding through the thought, emotion and physical bodies and creating something wholly new. Your source is completely unified, non-separate, and a seeing based on such immensity has the effect of immediate creation. But you must disengage from and dissolve the old. You must discover that what you have known as the 'world' is not solid, and is not even real.

Belong to the core of you. See from the core of you. Do not see from the old, because it is tired and limited. If you see from the old, you will endlessly see from separation and nothing will be possible to you. If you see from the new, which is to say, see from your core, everything is possible all at once because you have discovered the totality of 'Now.' In a way, even the old – even the past – is happening as a very limited expression of 'Now.' But what if you can be even more wild.

What if there is no end or limit to you? Of course, you cannot know this if you are still seeing from a point of separation. But if you sense the core of you - the wholly unified place - you will feel how you are present or you are the 'Presence' that is in everything. And if that Presence is located and known within thought, emotion and physicality, you will discover the capacity to be and become everything - including every action - without moving a muscle.

I am saying that if you can just see – if you can just know that core-place in you that is the core-place in everything – and then move from that, then you will be moving as everything in a very real, embodied way. You will think and externality will be the result of that thinking.

You will see and such seeing will be imbued with the immensity of creation. Can you fathom this magnitude? Can you let go of the 'me' and truly know that you are Existence?

Just let go of the external world being solid. Let it go. The depth, the core-place of you, will in-form that apparent externality in ways that are profound and astonishing – in ways that are beyond time and space – in ways that are immediately healing and resourceful. You are the creator and you are the creation and you will know this if you are true to the eternal place within you. The only question is whether you as a 'someone' can be so dissolved that this potentiality can become actualised Now.

– James Marshall

[Art By Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado]


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