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On The World's End...

It can be very easy in the times that we are in to take on a more pessimistic view of the future of the planet, and our humanity in general. It is not uncommon for many to have the notion that humanity has gone past the point of no return, and that we will all have to be real about death, and the end of days. In a certain way, coming to this End within ourselves is actually a call we all must follow at some point (and often, many points) along the path. We are all called to face an honest meeting meeting Death, of ending, of letting-go. It is in this way a relevant contemplation to sense into what it would be like for the world to end... what is brought up in imagining a crumbling civilisation, tornados and earthquakes, a vanishing population. What would it be like, to let go completely? I have imagined it at times, looking up into the sky and seeing a tsunami wave that would wipe out everything, another great flood. I have imagined what it would be like to stand there, knowing that the end was here. What I would feel, what I would be grateful for, would I have been content with the life that I had lived... these are all worthwhile meditations, naturally. However, when it comes to a genuine dread and belief that the world is truly on its way out... I cannot help but feel this to be a kind of projection onto the world as a consequence of being invited into our own inner death processes. Seeing this really highlights for me the importance of emptying the mind, in withdrawing any meaning placed upon the outer world, as if we understand anything about what is really going on. My experience of existence at this time is so obviously inclusive of endings and beginnings. Death and Rebirth. Yes, we are in challenging times. Yes, it is highly likely that we will see the growing catastrophe of the worlds systems imploding, and people reacting in unhelpful ways as we desperately cling to a protection that was never truly real. Yes, it is likely that many may die in the planetary dark night... But if we are to consider the planet from the fractal perspective (which, as far as we can tell, is the most accurate and honest way to consider our reality), then we can understand the implications of the planetary collapse through our own individual experience. In the esoteric teachings, it is said that, like the human individual, the planet also has a "personality" and a "soul" expression. And much like how the individual personality goes through an excruciating crucifixion which begins the process of inward purification (death, sacrifice, pain), the planet will also experience this. In one way, this is rightfully a frightening contemplation – what will this mean for us at a personal level? How can we stay in our own alignment whilst also being prepared for the collapse of our systems? How will those people who aren't willing to surrender into the death of their illusions react to such a crisis? All worthwhile contemplations. But on the other side, this process offers the potential for new birth, new creation, new life. As it is for me, I truthfully hear the call from what we might call the planetary soul. I can feel it somehow... and I don't sense it merely to be some aspect of my psyche that's running from Death. Deeply from the ground, I feel the call of the Kingdom. So then, the question becomes more concerned with what this means for us, as individuals on the path, as agents of planetary evolution... what must we sacrifice of our attachments and egocentrism? What must be met and seen within ourselves to become reliable holders and transmitters of the Wisdom? What pain and grief and loss must we be willing to bare, willing to touch, willing to Love? And how can we support each other in that process, what does it really mean to be in connection and community with this kind of vow to God? I do not find it possible to separate Death from Life. To grasp one reality over the other is a matter of our own need to dissolve the one who is identified with one state over another. Hope, or dread. Love, or nothing. Yes, we meet grief that feels so total, so consuming, so real. And... these feelings pass, as do all things in this existence. I cannot say what will happen with the planet. Maybe the end could include the death of humanity as we know it (though as most of you recognise, this is already happening in its own way). We can only guess, and do so perhaps more accurately through the recognition of our fractal existence. Some say nature is fucked, and we have ruined this planet beyond repair. To that, I say, what great arrogance... We do not understand a damn thing about our planet, just as much as we don't understand a thing (collectively) about our humanity, and what we are capable of, what existence wants for us. This planet is much more magical, much more full of evolutionary capacity than we can even begin to acknowledge... I can honestly say that there was one point in my life where it would have been totally reasonable to say that I had been damaged beyond repair, destroyed permanently, ruined by my bitter circumstances. But then to see how far I have come, how far I have seen people go, how Love, commitment and Truth has the capacity to transcend all the circumstances of our existence here. The capacity for Being to rewire our thoughts, hearts and cells... I can barely grasp the smallest fraction of understanding what this planet is capable of, if we are truly made in Her image. We must still of course move towards greater responsibility, better care, and integrity within our own live's and larger systems. We are all facing the threshold of waking up, growing up, and giving our lives over to something greater than us. We must be confronted with our own ignorance and carelessness that has contributed to the state of global suffering we see now. But I find it important to remember the divinity, magic and mystery of this place, and to stay humble to our ignorance with regards to our understanding of Nature, our cluelessness towards Life. We are the Earth. And She will burn as we do... and She will rise from the ashes. Perhaps this is idealistic, but I sense it to be a fundamental reality, pointing to what it means to be a participant in the great challenge of these times. Even if we burn with Her, She will rise again – over and over and over.

– Risa.


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