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On Moving As A Being

It might be said that, initially, there are two ways of moving as a Being, but at a certain point, both merge into one and are the fulfilment or answer of the Soul's Vision. Central to moving as a Being is first the recognition of this Vision in its emergence through the core of the Heart. This is about the active quality of the Will - the Will to evolve, to Love, to Serve. It can feel passionate, fiery, strong, impersonal and even indestructible. It is the voice that might say: I know why I am here, I know what I am doing, and I will fulfil it. This quality of Being, because it is innately fiery, has the effect of purifying the psyche and body.

All of a sudden, there is a recognition of what the Soul is deeply here to do and so the rest of the psyche and body is put through a process to 'get on board.' This is kind of the equivalent of the Love of God entering through the body and beginning a purifying process. It is intense, because it is the catalyst of evolution. It is equal to the recognition of one's Being as a black hole in the centre of a galaxy - regeneratively powerful and immense in scope, incarnating a wholly new reality. So, it might be said that this is the active component of Being - the initiator of everything else; the divine Will.

But then there is the emergence of a second quality, which is more rested in nature. It might be said that this is about surrender; it is about the bodily sensing of wholeness with and as Existence and from that place bringing forth the fulfilment of creation. If the active component of Being is the initiator, the passive or surrendered component is about satisfaction or fulfilment. It is about complete delivery of the Soul's Vision, based on a much vaster power than even the initiatory Will, but it can only happen through surrender. It might be said that this is even about the surrender of the Soul.

The active component of my Being has attempted to bring forth and externalise the Vision, and ultimately that Vision is fulfilled through surrender. This is because surrender is the gateway into the intelligence of Existence - of the Feminine. Here, we see that Beingness is the equal balancing of the Masculine and Feminine. So, let us talk more about this Feminine quality. First, we can say that this aspect of Being is only opened when there is a Will. This is because there is so much distortion about Existence that must be penetrated in order to discover the Truth.

Our learned distrust in Existence, the misinformation we inherited that is caught up in ideas that living, that life, is difficult and not harmonious - this and more is deeply penetrated by the Will aspect of Being. It is through this penetration, which is penetration as Love, that Existence is revealed to be purely benevolent, fulfilling, safe, abundant, harmonious and beautiful. We can therefore start to see that the manifestation of the Soul's Vision is absolutely capable of fulfilment - and that actually the whole intelligence of Existence is rallying behind it.

The active aspect of Being is about realising that you are the Will. The passive aspect is about realising that you are Existence. Ultimately, a point is reached whereby the terms

'active' and 'passive' are no longer applicable because the 'someone' behind the movement is dissolved. Surrender is understood to simply mean the letting go of identification on top of movement. Further, Spirit is understood to be the same energetic quality underpinning the movement of the Will and of Existence. No-one is control of this but it is simply the organic, intelligent unfolding of Being.

By: James Marshall.

Art: James R. Eads.


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