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Monadic and Existential Power

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

(A note before you read: It might be said that Existential Power is also Monadic Power. My intention in this blog is to reveal a distinction so there is clarity around how this process can unfold within density. That is, Existential Power is truly Monadic Power, just expressed in the deeper planes of density.)

My "self" is malleable, fluid, interchangeable, capable of becoming every light in the spectrum. I was locked into one flavour of self for nearly 30 years. When I was 25, I started to wake up out of that self. I woke up to "I" – Awareness – through seeing and feeling the suffering of my identification with one colour. This happened by itself; the narrative of that one colour played itself into such a level of suffering that, eventually, there was an awakening beyond it.

But this process of awakening, as a very embodied process, took nearly five years to undergo. I was shedding a colour of self that was built on themes of crippling shame, guilt and fear. I was also shedding a colour of self that was built on betrayal, abandonment and rejection. This was not as simple as disbelieving or dissolving thought-patterns; it was in my heart and body too. Right from the beginning, this process of awakening required everything and because of the pain, it was never a hobby or curiosity or part-time job.

A few years ago, I clearly started to appreciate 'true spirituality,' as that which is inclusive of such a rapid dissolving of the self-patterning, opening up the unfolding of the Masculine and Feminine Principles. Between 2017-2018, I engaged in an active practice of living every day as if it was my last, all the while dedicating everything into serving other people. This burned through the holding-grip of the self that had been so lodged into place. It broke the chain of identification, and I glimpsed into the 'ascended' quality of Masculine-Consciousness, striving and reaching into the higher planes.

This reaching into the higher planes – namely, into the monadic plane – allowed for a touching into an indestructible quality of Life; a very real, tangible knowing of my fundamental, immense invincibility. I know the monadic plane as the 'roar of Life.' The pulse of fiery Spirit. The great Lion of God. Indeed, this quality started to infuse into my Consciousness, bringing on the rapid evolutionary and involutionary process. I glimpsed into the knowing of my Soul purpose, and started to very quickly bring that into form. Understand this – one touch of the monadic plane can be enough to strongly drive the Soul into incarnation.

This quality of Consciousness started to rapidly undo my self-identification. It loosened the grip and made 'me' more malleable and fluid. At the same time, I still felt my Soul purpose. I still felt the reason why I was here – and I even had visions of it – but this was coming from a place completely free of restraint and fear. It was coming from Pure Life. So, as my Consciousness strengthened and refined in this way, I started to both know myself as Awareness (not a self) and a Soul. The Soul is the 'true self' – it is the fusion of the Masculine of Feminine principles; the manifestation of striving and surrender, of becoming and being. It is this aspect that I want to share more on now.

The Masculine quality of striving is the access point into the higher planes; it is how the monad is touched and can begin to infuse and empower the Soul. The Monad is Power – Lightning, Electricity, Fire. It is a descending energy that has the effect of purifying, softening and tenderising the self. It is the Consciousness that can and does transfigure the energy of personal desire, such that the life is no longer run based on what "I want." Wanting is dissolved; the life is transformed into an expression of Love. But the key aspect in all of this is: The self is made malleable. Monadic contact is such an intense experience that every 'lower plane' is touched.

In the emerging malleability, then, what is left is Awareness knowing a wider – or let's say – the full spectrum. Consciousness has broken the chain of the one colour and now the full range has become available. At the same time, as I have said, the uniqueness of the Soul will be emerging. "I am everything and yet this is my organic, unique purpose." And here is the key: The recognition that I am everything in an embodied way is what can empower and quicken the incarnation of my Soul. This is because when I know and feel that I am Existence, the very Soil beneath these feet, and I know that I am every other body and mind, then I become the Power of Immense Creation.

This Power is different to Monadic Power. This is Existential Power, made available through complete merging with and as Existence. Monadic Power is glimpsed by going beyond the self and touching the higher planes of Consciousness. Both are incredibly important for incarnation, but it is through Existential Power that ease, flow, abundance, harmony and instant manifestation are realised. This is because I am no longer moving or speaking as one self located in a particular time and space; I am moving as every self in every time and space, and in that embodied everything-ness, there is absolutely no limit on creation. There is a thought, there is an action, and right away, there is creation.

Part of this arrival into Existential Power is that I start to see there is no longer any distinction between 'doing' and 'non-doing.' I have merged beyond that - such that I no longer identify with the physicality of this human body, because I am anchored in the physicality of the Earth, of Existence. Thus even if I as this human body is laying down, in bed, and in non-action, the physicality and intelligence of Existence is still moving - and I am that! Enter here into the realm of magic, of miracles, and of miraculous healing - and know that from the viewpoint of a limited self, this is impossible to understand. That limited self must first dissolve in order to become every self and everything.

I will leave this here for now... Please feel into these words and share your experiences.

By: James Marshall

Art: Unknown.


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