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Love as Principle First, Experience Second

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Most of us first come to define love as an experience: it is a feeling, a quality, a sense of connection and bonding that occurs as a consequence of some degree of merging with Other. Experience of Love begins as a quality of feeling within the form nature, due to our coming into existence through the 3 worlds (physical, emotional, and mental). Our longing for Love appears as a desire for a quality of feeling to be met through the form nature of reality, as is the case with all desires rooted still within identification with form: it is the longing for wholeness, connectedness and fulfilment, based upon the acquiring of objects, experiences and people within the world of forms.

Truthfully, even the most well-intentioned and compassionate of us objectify love, ignorant still to the depth of our conditionality, even if one holds some conceptual or emotional notion of unconditional love. So much of our conditions for Love are based upon the layers of learned experience, starting with the information in the inherited ancestry, the early imprints of parents (both negative and positive) and later the personal preferences concerned with interests, appearances, superficial qualities of character etc. "I want someone who is artistic, beautiful in a particular way, reacts to me in this way" etc.

The Path of Truth-Lived, if we sincerely desire this above all else, will call on us to sacrifice all of these conditions and identifications with the little 'me' (who truthfully, is not the essence of You at all). When the inner pledge to put God/Truth first is sincerely taken, then Love itself is discovered as a principle that pre-exists the conditions of form. Love then becomes something that ones consciousness, in a very real sense, 'ascends' to, as the ultimate blueprint of unity that remains to some degree within the un-manifest. The unconditionality of Love is discovered here, as it is not bound to the appearance and manifestations of particular images and conditions upon which love is given. The discovery here of the True Self-Centre (the core of the Heart, along with the illumined mind) can be quite frightening for the little 'me', as it demands a level of sacrifice and service that makes life about what you can give – not what you can get. It begins the process of the dissolution of old images of Love, including the personal attachments to those who are deemed 'special' from the eyes of the false self, along with the belief that any particular image of life and experience limited to the form expression could possibly fulfil you.

But are we being anti-form here, and thus, anti-feminine? Not at all. When we approach understanding the form nature – the Wisdom and Intelligence aspect – we must see the two forces: the snake of deception, and the snake of true wisdom. It is such the case that the comprehension of the feminine aspect is more diverse due to her breadth and scope, and her occupation of the form life of manifestation – the womb of gestation and birth. The snake of illusion refers to those aspects of the feminine domain of existence as the old forms of creation, which have been IN-formed by 'seeds' of consciousness that do not truly originate from the realm of Spirit, or the truly unconditional and sacrificial masculine. Seeds of faulty consciousness appear as both deliberate and deduced beliefs that have developed as an unconscious reaction to the distortions within the form life. (A basic example of this would be learning that one is undeserving of love, having had neglectful parents: a belief is deduced from the field of experience, and this seed becomes a source from which further aspects of form generate, as the feminine endlessly creates from the given seeds of thought. In this case, believing that one is undeserving of love filters through many aspects of the formation of the body-mind, and creates a core personality structure that is a reflection of a Lie.) Thus seeds spawned from a place of True Love impregnate and within the form nature, and the gestation of the divinised form aligned with Love begins.

The discovery of a deeper Love is a continual consequence of sacrifice and death, a constant dying-out of the old forms of identified 3-fold consciousness. If we comprehend the significance of the above statements, we see that intimate human relating can not truly evolve and become a vehicle of transfiguration and rebirth without this willingness to go beyond the attachment to the old forms and personal desires concerning the fulfilment of the separate identity. It must be recognised that this can be a very painful experience in the dying-out process. Your desire for sexual fulfilment, for a 'feeling' of being 'in love', and what you hope to 'get' from the other must be sacrificed to the Fire. It is only when this commitment is at the foundation of relating (and indeed, the relationship to all forms of existence) that the Magic of Wisdom-Intelligence is revealed, and the True Feminine Godhead, radiantly magnificent as She is, waiting with great patience and grief for the descension of the high masculine, can emerge as her heavenly splendour upon the earthly domain.

The intelligence of form awaits the seed to then gestate and give birth to the heavenly forms. The integrity of the intimate human partnership is, as we emphasise so strongly, the most potent vehicle for both ascension and embodiment, resulting in the divinised human being, the True Human Individual. This unity of high and low, subtle and dense, lightning and volcano, is the merging that is attempting to take place at this time, most locally in the intimate relating, and most globally in the expansion outward to groups, organisations, businesses etc., to support the healing of this planet. Your sacrifice will be demanded, your selfishness must be overcome, and your desire for fulfilment must become the desire to serve: to love fiercely, to listen promptly, to respond intelligently, and to create truthfully.

With Fierce Care,


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