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Integrating the High Masculine

While it is still not recognised within many collective cultural spheres in modern spirituality, resistance to the masculine runs as deep as what many more of us have come to know nowadays as resistance to the feminine. There are specific reasons that activating the high masculine causes great disruption within any aspirant or disciple of the One. Let's explore...


In its essence, He is Will. Not Will of the arbitrary nature, but of Divine Order: that which is most simply oriented towards the sacrifice of self as to become an activating and initiating agent of evolutionary embodiment, and the birthing of the Kingdom. The masculine serves as the seed of creation, compared with She who holds the wisdom processes of that creation (egg). Thus it must be acknowledged that the emergence of the divine feminine as the Integrity of Form Creation is a consequence of the anchoring in-and-down of His initiatory seed. This is why the dark night of the soul is quite a painful experience for so many, as the receiving-in of new consciousness activates creative/destructive and regenerative process within matter, purifying form to emerge as the true mirroring reflection of the seed of Loving/Divine consciousness.

[Extra note: This is why the High Priestess archetype in the Tarot is card 2, the mirroring principle, depicted in her watery and virginal form, holding all the information in her Torah. In Christianity, Mother Mary is virginal in the sense that her creation of the Body of the "saviour" (Jesus) was "in-formed" by the true seed of Divine Consciousness. The virginal state, obviously misrepresented and misinterpreted by the masses, simply refers to the way in which the true emergence of feminine intelligence is only receptive to pure seeds of Sacrificial and Devoted Love. It is no surprise then, that the ESOteric Planetary ruler of Virgo, is the Moon.]


Well, most of us know about this already, yet it is worth clarifying still. If His Divine Self holds seeds of the initiatory and sacrificial Will-impulses, then the inversion of the masculine demonstrates the seeds of will that are self-serving, dominating, or manipulating. In honesty, the immature masculine is reactionary consciousness as opposed to directing and initiating consciousness. That is to say, the quintessential textbook depiction of the rich wanky guy, boss of the corporation, motivated by the accumulation of more power (as its lower external expression), to serve his own insecurities – immature will oriented towards dissociating or getting away from painful aspects of his own human experience. He tries to "take" power, because he is disconnected from his own intimate source of power. It is the opposite movement of the awakened masculine, which goes towards the cry of the human being, as the matter/feminine aspect of ourselves.

Our main examples of inverted masculine are: fear-based control structures, distortion of authority as gov/police etc. (more on this later), intellectual dogma and the condemnation of anything that senses/feels. It fears reality and retracts/dominates/warps it as a consequence, whereas the True He loves reality, and transfigures/merges with it as a consequence.


Let us first understand the collective movements of consciousness, particularly within the fields of modern spirituality. In the breaking-out of the dominion of the inverted/immature masculine, tuning awareness into feminine subtleties is the next natural movement. Where we have learned to dissociate from and gaslight ourselves, we re-associated and discover our own sensing capacity and feedback system for relating to reality. We discover masculine consciousness within the heart centre (thus leading to the breaking-out of mind, and discovering ourselves in the heart). Heart/love begins to lead, and the body receives this warmly as a result. This process is a natural step for the dissolving of the inverted tendencies of the hyper-mental and dissociated masculine. However, the next step of maturation takes us into the necessity of the higher mental...

This call can be difficult for many simply due to the misunderstandings concerning the initiatory masculine. We had to break out of the mind. So surely, we must stay out of it, right? This movement makes total sense logically given what we have discussed above. But... the Head itself is apart of the body. The head, like the other parts of the body, must then receive consciousness and become transfigured into its true image reflection.

Entering the head is very difficult for many as it requires us to directly transfigure the inverted masculine structures that still remain within the mind. We can break out of mind, yes, come into the heart and body, yes, but that doesn't mean those shadows aren't still floating around upstairs. Let us put it this way: in the healing of the mind, we face directly those inverted power structures as they exist within us. The abusive police force, the shaming and controlling government – your own head is where they still reside. Whatever fear you have "of them", is still a reflection of the lack of meeting them within you...

We can see the call to face this collectively as we witness the external mirrors of these control structures fall more into their inverted expressions. This is what happens individually, when we begin to face our own minds (as above, so below). The shadows of the distorted masculine will rise to the surface. Another example of this appears in the zeitgeist of narcissistic abuse, as so many of us have experienced at a more intimate level. Many people who have suffered at the hands of narcissism deeply struggle to elevate out of that experience even when they are able to remove themselves from dynamics with narcissists: the imprints of this inverted consciousness remain primarily within the brain, and while it may not be your fault that these imprints are there, it is your responsibility (as it is everyones) to dissolve these imprints directly through work with the mind. This in itself is another form of loving consciousness entering and transfiguring matter that has been distorted due to receiving seeds of falsity (in this case, receiving delusional thought-forms from a narcissistic consciousness). Here is the main point: people will resist information, clarification, and direction from higher masculine impulses to the degree that they are unconscious about their remaining distorted imprints of the masculine (this is also no different from when we work with the feminine principle). To receive a true masculine imprint, is to have that very seed of divine consciousness apply pressure to the distorted consciousness, causing it to rise to the surface. In truth, this is a good thing. Yet, if the individual is unable to responsibly own their misunderstandings, they will be projected onto the true expression, or at the very least, be unable to discern the difference between an abusive form of control, and a loving form of clarity.

To echo my previous sentiments, this aspect of masculine discovery is still very much feared and rejected within many spiritual circles due to the lack of self-discovery as the masculine principle through the head centre. (To demonstrate the inverse of this, a feminine equivalent of this could be: someone who rejects genuine emotional vulnerability because they had a mother that manipulated and controlled them through insincere emotionality – the distorted imprint creates fear of the feminine principle in this case, which is projected onto all states of feminine reflection, thus maintaining separation.)

It is always a bit of a head-scratcher to me to see feminine teachings that claim to serve the feminine where there has not been an awakening to the masculine principle. Without Him, She cannot truly open to create from Her intelligence. Just as without Her, He is pretty useless and without backbone. Imbalanced feminine teachings will always have a seed of manipulation and an unowned rage of a destructive nature (still reflecting the distorted seeds of unintegrated masculine consciousness within the teachers themselves), just as imbalanced masculine teachings will be at best completely ineffective and irrelevant, and at worst dominating and controlling.


Love and Loyalty must be held equally towards Her Wisdom (as that which reveals the how in every instance) and His Direction (as that which communicates the potential of the Truest Expression). Wisdom without direction from the deepest seed of Him simply creates from the old forms of consciousness. I have found that the greatest clarity of my direction and purpose here consistently appears as a stroke of lightning clarity through the mind (same with James). This stroke of clarity begins to shift, shake and move the feminine as the body's wisdom, as the Priestess/Virgo energy works her magic to align form to unify with his seed of clear purpose. He is the Wand to her Magic.

This is the Divine Marriage, where the two are eventually revealed as One Unit, not separate from one another, but God expressing through the union of Him/Her. The fact of their unity is so perfectly depicted by the Tao, or the ☯️ symbol. He is within Her, She is within Him, and whenever we reject one of them, we create the inversion of the other.

See them, Love them, Become them. Who You are is not found in one of them, but is revealed as the Child of their love-making.

From One Lover to Another,


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