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The Great Challenge and Holy Synthesis

*An important message for the world servers*

Dear friends,

Many of you are aware of the fact that we are in a transitional stage between the Piscean and Aquarian Era, or between the 6th and 7th Rays. As is always the case within human consciousness, evolving into and integrating new energies causes a disruption, clashing and internal/external battling between the old and new forms. Let it be clear that the signs and rays themselves do not battle with each other; it is the tendency for the still immature development of the human mind that struggles to own the internal identification with one form over another, and the required responsibility to synthesise varying qualities to reveal a multidimensional flexibility and integration. Regardless of our individual expressions, ray types and soul missions, all individuals at this time are influenced by the 6th and 7th ray energies, and we are all called to uncover the proper relationship between these two if we are to become genuinely helpful and wise world servers. The inability for us to see the task of synthesis can have far reaching negative affects by way of our own inner confusion, lack of direction and resistances towards our own growth and mature individuation.

Lets unpack the essence of the Ray types of the previous and present eras to see their gifts and shadows:

THE 6TH RAY (Pisces. A mutable sign, an intermediary one. The planetary rulers of the 6th ray are Mars & Neptune.)

  • Reorientation from lower identification to a higher principle

  • Development of abstract thinking and sensing, withdrawing to the inner planes to discover the greater principle

  • Withdrawal from the world of matter to discover the spiritual life beyond identification with form nature

  • Sacrifice of false self to become a vehicle for the greater principle

  • Utilisation of strong energetic emotional devotion to elevate the lower desire into longing for Great Love

  • Cultivation of discipline, restraint, and reconstruction of the self to adhere to greater principle

  • Maturation of the Heart: from the love of forms to the Love of God, Life itself, and the source of all creation. The Greater Unity.

  • Connecting the Individual to the Soul Principle

  • Recognition of purification: seeing that the lower nature has its grips in aspects of form nature that are selfish, concerned purely with the gratification of its own base nature still rooted in the heresy of separateness as a consequence of disconnection from the Greater Principle of Love.

These are all qualities of the true mystic, and demonstrate the Real Qualities of Neptune. The great servers of the Piscean era have paved the way for our present day servers to connect into the inner plane of the heart centre much more quickly and precisely than was possible during their time. Many of the Piscean mystics spent decades in excruciating pain to gain access to and merge with the soul aspect. We may take for granted our connection to heart now (that is, when sincere aspirants choose to surrender to their own higher principle), but make no mistake: we are One, and we owe deep thanks to our brothers and sisters of past who have made it possible to step into the 6th ray energies that can serve the emerging 7th ray qualities as a consequence of Right orientation and service.

SHADOWS OF THE 6TH RAY (and the expression of the lower mars aspect)

  • Ideological fanaticism, all forms of religious dogma, religious wars

  • Emotional obsession to a principle without right comprehension

  • The rejection/fear of human/feminine/sexuality/matter, in favour of higher aspects

  • Reliance on outer structures of religion/institutions to inform principle and belief

  • Immature emotional devotion to the Guru (projection of the God Principle)

  • Lack of responsibility over proper mental thinking, and ownership of individuality

  • Blind service towards an arbitrary principle

  • Attachment/reliance on spirit or love as an escape from individual and world issues

  • Violent following and enforcing of belief, and/or exclusion of anyone or thing outside of what the immature principle can comprehend

  • Fear/rejection of magic, power, creativity – anything sourced through form nature

  • Guru/Church/Cult Glamour

The existence of these forces of ignorance are obvious in our history and of todays times. You cannot reason on the mental/intuitive level with people who are stuck in this immature expression of the mars energy. We can see this level of violent exclusion within pretty much all the ideological wars of today, including the battle of the sexes and the separation between masculine and feminine (this is in fact a perfect example of the clash of the 6th and 7th ray forms, as right relationship between masculine and feminine comes through on the 7th ray influence, and blind ideological obsession and hatred existing on the lower 6th).

THE 7TH RAY (Aquarian age. Ruled by Uranus. Fixed air, the expansion of intelligence and inclusion of all.)

  • The inclusion of Matter, and the Wisdom aspect of feminine intelligence

  • The merging with individuality and the specific resources of the Self

  • Access to the dark light aspect, hidden within the atomic vibration of matter

  • Working with Power as the magnetic and creative aspect of the individual and earth intelligence

  • Blending and fusing spirit/matter aspects

  • The utilisation of higher principles (6th ray) to inform and transfigure matter into intelligent operation

  • Human Psychology, Anthroposophy, Natural Sciences, Shamanism

  • Emergence of integrative systems of individuation and self-sciences (such as Human Design + Gene Keys) and Holistic Systemic approaches

  • Orientation towards practical world service, group work and community operations

  • The emergence of Heaven-on-Earth, as the anchoring/seeding of Higher Forms into matter. Utilisation of the womb as form-creation

  • Inclusion of Multi-dimensional Truth leading to Integrity

The 7th ray reveals the Magician, the Metaphysician, the Scientist and the Alchemist. We can see the emphasis on these qualities in much of modern spirituality, expressing through the interest of sexual inclusion in the fields of tantra and right relationship between Him/Her, and the divine feminine aspect of Power, Magnetism and Creativity. Emphasis on Gaia, interest in occult science, and the blending of world teachings to fuse the horizontal and vertical intelligence (for example, discovering the right relationship between the eastern and western schools of philosophy, and the reconciliation of the paradox of self-sacrifice and self-inclusion).


  • Obsession with form nature, identification with the senses and personal desires

  • Attachments to "being states" accessed through bodily portals and rejection of the evolutionary aspect

  • Rejection of higher principle; sacrificing lower aspects to fulfil a higher principle is seen as 'excluding'; a deadly form of ignorance that can lead to abusive manipulation of power and sexual energy

  • Immature understanding of 'all-inclusion' leading to pervasive lack of discernment and enmeshment with lower desire aspects, distorted astral forces and collective emotional/thought energy that is false, self-oriented and blinding

  • Commercial Magical Glamour: buying into the image of power/sexuality/tantra and other so-called feminine arts as a hollow surface image, without ability to sense the true relationship to sacrifice and integrity. Women who use their immature and disconnected relationship with sexuality to create manipulating attractive images and identities under the guise of 'divine feminine/goddess sexuality/Sophia wisdom'. Men appearing as the 'penetrative power' of the male body who, under the claim of being 'pro-feminine', are moving with a subversive consumptive energy

  • (Following from previous) Spiritual sex abuse, SRA, abuse within tantric fields

  • Open relating, and 'open' sexuality with the exclusion of the vertical axis

  • Lack of 6th ray principle/sacrifice leading to the selfish use of power

  • Mistaking karmic connections and separation-based connections with others as soul group/fractal group/twin flame etc.

  • New age delusions, lower psychism/divination, moronic interpretation of occult sciences from a selfish and immature mind leading to chaotic and traumatic life experiences

A lot can be written about the shadows of the 7th ray, simply because of its inclusive and merging nature – it governs many aspects of the horizontal plane of human and earth intelligence which naturally is broad and dynamic in scope. We can see the battle between the old and new forms presented again as the limited 6th ray energies react to the shadow energies of the 7th ray. This is most clearly demonstrated with many of the 'New Age to Jesus' testimonies, as the immature minds of individuals have fallen into the 7th ray shadows, only to arrive at the point of lower-self sacrifice through great suffering, which is experienced as the 'descent of the holy spirit' and an awakening of the early teachings of the heart centre. (It is a frustrating phenomenon, however, given that many of these individuals revert back to the old religious dogmatic traps and become lost once again in the shadow expressions of the 6th ray.)


As we enter the 7th age and embrace Earth Intelligence and group service, it is imperative that we take with us the great jewels of the Piscean era and retain the inner strength of devotional love and service which will anchor ones consciousness always in service to the whole. Without this, it will be all too easy to be consumed by the shadows emerging with the theme of Power in the Aquarian age. A lack of insight into our Love Nature – cultivated through sacrifice alone – will see many well-intentioned people with weak wills become consumed within their lower astral nature, or at best build armours that will prevent them from proper reflection in the shape of businesses and brand images that solidify their prison walls of ignorance through the perpetuation of glamour. The greater the tower, the further to fall. It cannot be understated: Power without Principle is destructive, no matter how good it feels. Not only this, but this immature grasping at Power in the various ways described in the 7th shadows above actually prevent the True Magical energies of this ray from emerging. Without dedicated responsibility cultivated through the 6th ray, Earth Magic will serve the distorted self and will never actualise the true genius of feminine intelligence. Without sacrifice and principle, dark light is simply raw energy that runs through an undissolved vehicle packed with warped thoughts, un-held emotions and traumas, and thousands of years of ignorance held within the ancestral lines along with the insanity of present-day collective consciousness.

All of us stand with the responsibility of harmonising the qualities of these great rays in this transitional period, and must accept that the journey is not always pleasant and comfortable, and will in fact demand the greatest of strides from us all. We must become attuned to our tendencies for imbalance and preferences of holding on to anything within us that seeks to prolong separatism and ignorance. We must choose those connections with the people who love us deeply enough to help us see when we cannot, and demand equally that we become great servers to those around us so that we may support the very best of them, and not excuse the worst.

I will be writing soon to share the role of Core Integrity in this transitional era and the nature of how James and I operate together in support of the times. For now, I sincerely hope this has been of use to you, and I wish you all the best...

With TLC,


[Art: 'Embrace Light' by Laurie Bain Hamilton, Primal Painter on Etsy]

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