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Dissolving the 'Mind' and Birthing True Mind

It has become clear in my work with people across the board that there is some clarification needed with regard to the nature of Mind.

First, there is the conditioned Mind, which is the byproduct of the subconscious. This is comprised of all the automatic, repetitive thought-forms that give rise to a certain experience or worldview.

The conditioned Mind is the result of contractivity – in the whole body which is inclusive of the Head. As that contractivity is penetrated or permeated (depending upon what is required) by Consciousness, what is at the core of it can start to stream back into form.

What is at the core of every structure of contraction is the Black Light. It is Black because it is the unknowable and it is Light because it is the movement of Creation. What we know from some recent work in theoretical physics is that at the centre of every atom is a Black Hole. That Black Hole is the Black Light.

The above paragraph alone ought to be enough to undermine the credibility or reality of any and every conditioned thought. Conditioned thought is underpinned by contractivity and at the centre of contractivity is the Black Light.

A simple way of saying this is: At the centre of the limited is the Unlimited.

So, when that Unlimited Black Light can start to stream through into the body (including the Head), the Brain is completely transformed. That transformation has the effect of revealing True Mind, which is the reflection of the Unlimited.

It is through this Process that we can actually start to sense and think much further and wider than the limited subconscious. Our thinking is transformed to be a reflection of the deepest, most immense energy – LIFE.

This has to be experienced to be Known, but it is this particular key that can unlock the clarity with regard to the Soul Vision. It is this key that can start to birth what we might call 'Pure Direction,' where the Mind can Intuit the next step to take to externalise the Vision.

Of course, for the Mind to get to this point, the whole body has to be worked with so there is enough sensitivity to unlock that Intuitive Faculty.

It is said that Intuition is the vehicle for Transfiguration, essentially meaning that when we can Intuit (and thus see) the highest expression of our Soul, we can align everything to that point and so transfigure the body and mind to be a Divine Vehicle.




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