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Complete Unification

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

When the body is cracked, what is actually happening is that something deeper is entering inside. The body, which was once informed by the old 'someone,' is now being informed by the source. When this source, or origin-energy, is streaming into the body, there is transfiguration: Speech, thought, movement and feeling all start to belong to Being. The unlimited is now tangibly in-forming the body and psyche.

So, we have the opportunity to observe, translate and move as this Source, until eventually there is nothing or no-one separate from it. The key point here is that we have the work of entering the conditioning of the 'someone' - including the underlying core brokenness - but we also have the noticing of what is emerging. A 'black hole' is taking in and destroying the old, but is also streaming the new.

Pay attention to the new. Belong to it, and it will grow. There will also be the learning as to how it is functioning. What is the depth of Being? What does it include? How far does it reach? Eventually, this Beingness will have the body and brain, and it will expand them out cosmically. You will be anchored in that Beingness, and therefore every 'realm' will become available. In moving as Being, you will become the complete integration.

To a separate 'someone,' Life followed a usual, familiar, looping trajectory. The familiarity infused itself into every area including relationships, sex, money and work. But at some point that familiarity stopped working. It became empty or it caused great suffering, but either way, the familiarity of the 'someone' started to crack - and so Being emerged. Awareness unwrapped and discovered a deeper place.

Unlike the 'someone,' Being is not moved by thought or feeling. Being is the creator of thought and feeling. Even the limited thought and feeling of the 'someone' is infused with the light of Being. In unwrapping from that 'someone' though, there is pure thinking and feeling from Being, which is wholly integrated and unlimited. The deeper you belong to Being, the more it can express in subtle and even very dense ways.

Being can crack through the most dense parts of the body, and it can transfigure sexuality into pure sexuality. Sexuality is the movement of a 'someone' with conditioned attraction to certain people or experiences, usually based on past pain. Pure Sexuality is the movement of Being and is pure energy, free of identification with past pain and identification with form.

Being can also crack through the body and resolve the subject of money. To the 'someone,' money or resource is something to get or have - a conditioned pattern held in place by the survival fear in the lower centres. When that survival fear is entered and cracked, Being can emerge and is the complete fulfilment of everything. Knowing such fulfilment is the end of survival.

Eventually, Being can also crack through the body so completely that the duality of inside and outside is ended. First, when the thought, belief and perception structures of the 'someone' are entered within the head, emptiness is revealed. So, you could be walking down the street, but energy is no longer going out to solidify apparent external form. Externality is therefore seen as nameless, bare, unlabelled, empty.

Yet simultaneous with that emptiness is the Beingness emerging through the depths, which is utter Oneness - even in the most dense levels. There is a complete removal of a self relating to other selves, and what is left is the movement of depth seeing depth in everything. It is seen that these eyes and this body are truly made up of the same Beingness that is permeating all of Existence.

Belonging to that Beingness is the end of separation between anything.

– James Marshall

Art by James R Eads.


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