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Brain Mechanics: Fixing On The "Me" Reference

Until the mind is rendered unnecessary

It cannot be the mind of God.

A contracted structure cannot go beyond its contraction;

It must be resolved at the root.

Resolve the root and end the process

Of thinking within confinement.

The mind is inherently limiting to the degree that we do not know what is beyond it. Investigation would reveal to you very clearly that the mind is constantly in a 'freeze response.' It is locked on an idea of "me" and it is always seeking to find a new "me" reference. However, this "me" reference is wholly unnecessary and it is important for us to see why this is so. To do this I invite our exploration of what is keeping the "me" reference in place.

1. Referencing time and space.

The "me" reference is created and perpetuated through the belief in time and space. This event happened in the past; this event is happening in the future. A large part of the "me" is this constant, automatic looking back or looking forward. It is this mechanism that is preventing us from truly stepping out from time and space all together.

The tendency is to try and solve the "me" reference from within the reference point. This does not work. I can see how the past or future is being reference and then within that referencing I attempt to sort the imagery together in a way that "makes sense." Yet no true understanding can happen through this surface-level orientation.

2. Referencing who I am and who I am not.

The "me" reference is kept in place too because we so adamantly believe that "this is" and/or "this is not" who I am. Each of these movements have the effect of directly limiting what you are. Any automatic movement like this must be closely watched and dissolved at its root. If you get a taste of how powerful this is you will realise that everything – every belief and perception – about "you" is subject to dissolution.

Let's go further into this one. In the course of coming into our purpose work, we start to see that purpose work is already what we are. It is not so much about becoming at a certain point, when the mental plane has been deeply examined. The mental plane is holding up the illusory "concrete mind," which is the greatest obstruction to our emergence as Soul.

For example, "I am not a master with money" could be the "me" reference that is preventing the immediate (NOW) arrival as that purpose. In that dissolving, "I am not" is actually create a time-space-contraction that is preventing the emergence as "I am." I trust some of this is starting to click into place within your consciousness.

In summary:

In order for this to occur, your conscious attention has to be much stronger than the automatic functioning of the "me" referencing mind. This is like looking from the outside-in and questioning everything, at the deepest level. Use your conscious attention to "paradox" the existing "me" reference and it will begin to unhook at the root level.

Play with time and space dissolution.

Example: When a reference automatically occurs to the past or future in the form of a thought, locate the energetic, sensory root of that thought reference, then penetrate and paradox it.

Play with "I am" and "I am not" as oppositions.

Example: "I am not X" is turned on its head to "I am X." Turn the oppositions against each other, and through the conflict, the head will unwind and let go. This will actually collapse time and space, too.

Lastly, enjoy. It's fun.



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