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Asking New Questions

At a certain point, we start to ask questions from a different place. Instead of asking questions based what I want to do, I make a change and ask: 'What do I not want to do?' in the sense of what is most uncomfortable yet central to the overall trajectory of my Soul. I start to see that if I can ask these questions in the right way, I start to actively engage in the evolutionary process. But there is a caveat to this that I want to mention: I ask these questions in the right way.

Which is to say, I edge through the fear of the usual subconscious structures and I listen to the voice of what is deeper - Love, Life, the Divine Will - and I do not shy away from that even though it might make me feel very vulnerable. I discard the familiar voices of the mind that frequently comment on and judge my Heart's movement - and I just fucking go for it. I go for it even it my mind says it is arrogant or wrong.

When I go for it, when I throw everything on the side of the immensity of my Soul, I can start to properly learn what it is doing. I can see its vision and I can start to actively translate it through the right use of my mind. I go through the process of building capacity, because when I start to truly listen to my Soul, I am inevitably called to expand in ways that are very uncomfortable. And this is where I have to ask the right questions. I have to ask new questions!

I have to ask the questions that take the seed of my Soul and grow it rapidly.

– James Marshall.

Art: Pallavi Guptaa.


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