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The Abundance Realm

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Abundance realm is not often touched by people, simply because there is so much scarcity held in place. Viewed from the illusory position of a 'someone,' Life is moved by action in order to get or have. Abundance is a quality of 'high worth' made possible through deep unification. Awareness knowing Its Origin, which is Being, is the unfolding of unification and natural worth. Awareness knowing the 'someone' is the unfolding of separation and the absence of innate worth.

Much of what we call 'personal development' is about bolstering the separate self so that it can feel worthy, based on some kind of idea or concept. This is not sustainable because the apparent worthiness has emerged from a particular thought-stream that is still rooted in the same subconscious structure - the same 'me.' Until the looping projecting reel of the subconscious is dissolved, Awareness cannot know the innate worthiness, which is Being.

The core focus is to touch what you are as a Being, and through that touching allow the full transfiguration of psyche, body and brain. Being is the core-origin, wholly unified, the Presence imbued in all forms, pure radiance; it is the 'one quality' present in all forms. When you as Awareness are knowing that 'one quality' and belonging to it, it is seen or known in Everything. You can look at apparent 'others' and see that core-place that you are in truth.

Abundance is a finer aspect of that 'one quality' of Being. In a way, it is the result of the stabilising as Being in every way. Some core components of this might include: Emptiness through the Brain revealing complete malleability of outer 'form.' Universality through the Heart revealing the ability to think and feel as a 'cosmic' Being. Capacity through the Belly revealing the stabilisation of such cosmic unfolding and creation within density.

When the Heart is merged into and with the Belly, a kind of Being-ness is revealed that is the equivalent of a Big Bang or a Black Hole: A constant life-and-death process of regeneration, where you become the Source of Newness wherever you are. That Newness is the inflow movement of Being rushing up into the Brain sense and flooding out into all surrounding form like a 'showering Lotus.' Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are the Source.

Such a stabilisation as that Source is the definition of Abundance. Here, Abundance is seen not as something to get or have, but it is something that you are. The more you as Awareness are true to that Abundance - that wellspring of fresh energy - the more 'externality' will become a moving vision of the same. As such a stream of Abundance is innately pulsing as you, you think and feel from a different place.

You truly think and feel from a unified place, a quantum place, where everything has already happened or is already happening. The showering of such Being-ness is the 'filling of every gap' insofar as separation and scarcity is concerned, and as a result your full creative capacity beyond the construct of time and space is revealed. Such is the unfolding of the Abundance realm, which cannot ever be understood by a self.

I want you to contemplate for just one moment: If I truly knew wholeness, radiance, fullness, abundance - as if everything was complete and fulfilled, then how would I think and act? Well, this might just sound like a nice idea, but it is truly the case when you as Awareness start to belong to your Being. The work we are endeavouring to do here is concerned with the meeting of the deeper brokenness underpinning the separate self so that your Being can start to move.

When your Being is moving, then you will be in the process of learning a new operating system. This will be like replacing the old eyes with new eyes; same with the old hands. It will also mean that you see the inside and the outside as the same One, because you are moving from the core-place that is present in all form. You start to see in a quantum way, deeper than the construct of time and space. To you, it is all possible Now, and that is the truth.

– James Marshall

[Art by James R. Eads]


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