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Pattern Integrity

Integrity is the emergence of one's unique expression – of True Beauty – and it is the result of embodied Love. Awakening to the Divine Will can often be where the Journey begins, initiating the process of purification within the Human Body as Spirit descends into Matter. We can liken this to the process of human reproduction: the seed from mans body enters the egg of woman, activating the process of the creation of form. In the metaphysical sense, Spirit (Him) awakens the body's intelligence (Her), and the Human is transfigured into the true expression of the Soul as its total incarnation.

While we may experience the initial quality of the soul as the transpersonal love-light, what we uncover here is the sense of the souls ‘arrival’, a sigh of relief as the complete relaxation of consciousness in-and-as the body, wholeness completely to the bottom. This is really the tantric moment, as what could have been previously differentiated as the Masculine apart from the Feminine (and vice versa) is now seen as the total recognition of the One Reality, the arrival of Truth-in-Form, the emergence of the True Individual. This is Integrity.

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True Integrity is a rare accomplishment of a human being, though this time calls for the emergence of Truth in this complete way more than ever. Awakening to Love is a beautiful thing, but Love on its own is not equal to Wisdom. In much the same way, we can say the seed from mans body is integral to the process of birth, yet he cannot come into form without woman’s creativity. Wisdom is revealed through Loves embodiment, meeting the pain of the human experience, and learning how to take care at the fundamental human level.

Here we must embrace the shadow self, the traumas and ancestral imprints. We must face the myriad of ways in which we don’t stand for honesty in every moment, the relationships where we still compromise and consent to artificial role playing, the jobs we maintain out of fear or comfort. Here, Love can no longer be reduced to a platitude of ‘accept everyone and everything as it is’, whereby it is actually being used as an excuse to avoid the sometimes uncomfortable birth of Love as Truth and Beauty in every moment. We must see that to really bring Love into Being, it requires the dissolving of those aspects of rejection and dishonesty. Just as we must stretch a little farther beyond discomfort in the yoga pose if we are to increase flexibility, and just as childbirth requires painful contractions, birthing Love requires a willingness to face the friction between parts of our existence that have not been transfigured into honesty and Beauty.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” – Yeshua (Jesus), The Gospel of Thomas.

See below James and Risa's current offers in supporting the individuation process (birthing of Integrity). 


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