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Business as
By James

Evolutionary Business...

Business as Being is about making a critical reorientation, whereby Business is discovered to be a vehicle for Service. It is discovered that the opportunity to serve something greater is the mechanism by which the Heart is cracked, and the deeper Will is revealed at the core. This is the Will of God; it is the indestructibility found at the core of everything that, when touched, will unlock every resource imaginable, empowering you to continue to Serve, even when it is most difficult.

The Purpose of Business as Being is to initiate Business Owners into this evolutionary step. It will necessitate a taking-inventory of all current Business knowledge in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Investment, Operations and Team Management.


Through this reconfiguration, fuelled by the broken-open passion of Service, Business Owners go through a rapid process of learning all the foundational and fundamental knowledge required. This knowledge has the effect of empowering them to manifest aligned infrastructure across the board, so that Business activities become more sustainable and impactful over time. Business Owners that enter into Business as Being will become ‘masters’ of the multidimensional fields of Business. This process is fiery, but ultimately it is the efficient and direct way to up-skill and prepare for growth. Through the empowerment generated by the Life-Principle moving through the core of the Heart, this knowledge up-skill is a rapid process, simply because there are no longer excuses that can compete with the Will-to-Serve, the Will-to-Evolve.


As a fundamental (and seemingly contradicting) counterpart to the Will, there is a necessary focus on softening and relaxing the body, as part of the sustainable integration of rapid expansion, as well as inviting for a deeper intelligence to emerge. There's a Beingness touched in this dropping-down, whereby bodily wholeness and unification is deeply tangible, birthing a quality of creative magic. This is the process of transforming the fundamental relationship to Existence (starting with ourselves, in the Human Body).

Business Owners meet the deep places where there are feelings of separation, helplessness, abandonment, rejection, grief, devastation, and so forth, which has the effect of revealing the truth that Existence is benevolent and harmonious. We begin here to be initiated into the Realms of Abundance. The transmutation of the subconscious layers of the human psyche clears-out the system, allowing the stabilisation of the Will, and the reliable holding of creational power. There is a necessary emptying out of all the shadows that would grasp onto purpose, money, ideas or people, grasping from an underlying insecurity
, corrupting the flow of energy and compromising ones capacity to genuinely create. The integration of the shadow opens up profound miracles and magic, whereby a deeper intelligence is both supporting and moving the Business, producing larger levels of impact and abundance in the surrounding world.


In the Trans-Himalayan teachings, this is the process of first incarnating as a Soul, and then as a Monad. I work with Business Owners who are deeply immersed in this unfolding that is inclusive of the deepest embodiment work and externalisation of that Truth into the physical world, serving and making an enduring and potentially historic difference.

James' Milestones:

  1. Mentored by Buckminster Fuller's disciple, Marshall Thurber, known as the Godfather of Business and Personal Development. Marshall's Business and 'Superlearning' Technologies have been employed by some of the most well known names in Business, including Jay Abraham, Ben from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream - among many others. James worked and lived with Marshall for one year in the United States.

  2. Catalyst for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to quickly grow to Seven Figures, while serving hundreds and even thousands of customers and clients. See this testimonial as one example.

  3. Added hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, into the Businesses he has supported through his Business Consultancy work. The principles James adds into Businesses have the effect of creating permanent transformation.

  4. Initiator of the Heart Principle, which is where the Divine Will is opened and the Business Owners James is working with start to discover unlimited potential. This aspect has empowered James' clients to endure and keep evolving, even in the face of great (and often inexorable) suffering.

Business Consultancy Work:

James works with Business Owners who resonate with his work in several ways:

  • 1:1 Work - $300 AUD (Pay Per Session)

Work with James at your own pace by paying per session. Come to each session with a specific business focus, be it personal or entirely business focused. Enquire here and share what is happening in your Life and Business right now (or email

  • 1-Month Business Evolution Initiation - $3000 AUD (1 Payment)

Work with James intensively for 1-Month, whereby everything will be covered from igniting the fiery passion in the core of your Heart and translating that into a powerful vision for service, to the mastery of marketing channels to reach more of the right people. This particular program will catalyse your Business to move into a wholly new paradigm, based on a passion to serve and abundant living. Enquire by clicking this link and sharing more about your Life and Business.

Learn more about James.

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Evolutionary Entrepreneurship Facebook Group.

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