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Awakening and Realisation

What is Awakening?

Yes, we know it's an over-used word, but the reality is that it's simply the best description when it comes to articulating the experience of meeting Being in its varying dimensions. The fact of the dimensions means that awakening can refer to many different experiences, thus one persons experience of awakening may be describing a completely different quality compared with someone else's awakening.

Awakening through the 3 central points of the body can be likened to a Black-Hole, where consciousness is sucked into a point that reveals specific qualities of Being. We can be sucked into death through the Head, sucked into Life through the Heart, and sucked into total Creation through the Womb/Hara.

We have summarised below the basic qualities of the dimensions we have come to experience them (the 'what'). You may be able to recognise your own experience through one, two, or three of the dimensions.
See the Individuation & One-Bodied-Relating Page for information regarding the integration and embodiment of realisations listed below (the 'how').


The Head Centre



Touching empty awareness is in part the discovery of the innate 'meaninglessness' at the foundation of all forms. It can be easy to feel aversion towards this kind of acknowledgment, as it brings about the loss of 'me', the dropping of the narratives and thought-forms one has become identified with as something tangibly real and solid. However, the more this revelation is embraced – especially when partnered with the other elements of realisation – there is a freedom, flexibility and undeniable potency that is integrated into ones Being. 


In penetrating the Head, we spiral closer and closer to the revelation of Death, as a letting go of Life and whatever meaning and value we have attributed to it. It is the end point, the no-self. The full meeting goes even beyond discovering that you are the empty witness to existence (awareness). There is the pivotal point where the witnesser itself actually disappears from existence, and into the Void, or Space. This level of realisation is perhaps the most rare of the three, as it is a complete surrender out of existence and into nothing, requiring a complete willingness to die out of experience. This is the monk-in-the-cave meditating for several years, focusing awareness into it's point of death, liberated from the Maya (illusion, existence).

Disclaimer: Neither James or myself have fully crossed into the void beyond experience, aside from one time where I popped into the void momentarily as a mere fluke, (and I had no idea what had happened, and was simply in a state of disturbed confusion). At the time of this writing, the spiralling through layers of the mind is unfurling in harmonic cycles with the other dimensions, and so we experience cycles of expansion through the head as a kind of death, typically after or prior-to expansions through the gut/heart. We experience it as a letting-go of all that has been learned, attained, or discovered as some aspect of a 'me'. So, we write from our present experience of meeting pure awareness, as well as having a general sense of the direction of the Void-threshold, along with having read the similar accounts from those who have merged deeply with the Void.


The Heart Centre

The "Love & Light" Phenomena (Soul)

Not many on the path of Unfolding would argue against the fact of Love as the innate core of all existence. For the sincere initiate, awakening to Love is a fundamental step in awakening-to and unfolding as Being. In the current global context, with the planet pushing for human evolution, more people are being initiated onto the path of Truth through some kind of awakening to Love. Contact with Love in this way occurs through the Heart centre, and has many layers and qualities.

Love, in the most baseline transpersonal sense, is experienced as the lightness of Being. It is what we feel if we sense one to have an 'open heart' – a gentle, light, and spacious presence. It can be warm, welcoming, easeful and inviting. We tend to see it most consistently in young children, particularly prior to the age of 6, until they begin to absorb the learned pathways of dissociation and self-rejection (the development of the egoic self). The light-heart has a sense of interconnection, a feeling of the shared love between all beings as the universal source, felt through the body yet somehow pre-existing the body.


"Reason is powerless in the expression of Love." – Rumi.

Love, in this sense, is in fact the Soul. As such, it is the true self-centre, as the light openness of Life itself. People who consider themselves to have a connection to God as Spirit tend to be referring to the connection made through the heart centre. We come to see, as we deepen this connection, that Love is God, and 'I am that which springs from this eternal source.' 

Pure Will and the Evolutionary Impulse (Monad)

"Perhaps people think that I have come to cast peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war." – Yeshua (Jesus), the Gospel of Thomas.

The Divine Will – the Life Principle – emerges through the core of the Heart, by the way of extremity. And while Love is a greatly spoken-of topic in the worlds of Truth and Spirituality, it is a significantly smaller few who have genuinely touched the Eternal Flame of the Divine Will. We refer to this flame as the Sacred Masculine, an awakening not just to the divine child that is the Soul, but the full-blown cracking open to the lightning rod that is the source of all existence. It is very intense, and serves as a threshold point-of-no-return, that kick starts a wholly new phase of evolution. 

True Love is born here, a meeting with Love's raw and primordial nature; so ragingly potent that it would do anything for the sake of bringing Truth and Life into the World. Here, we learn that love is not an arbitrary form of what could be called 'acceptance' (often a deceptive mental concept without discernment of what is real and what truly matters), but a burning and purifying fire that seeks to obliterate anything that stands in resistance to God, and to Truth. This is the initiation of the Warrior.

We (James and I) began our journey together in the Sacred Heart of the Eternal flame of the Father. We were brought together by Life, not by personal will. Our journey into Her Wisdom could not have begun without Him, as he forged within us the commitment to life, the devotional dedication required to meet all within ourselves that needed to be brought into purification and integration. Read below a couple of pieces we wrote to one another, as a fully channeled transmission of the One:


From Risa to James:

I feel that as we deepen, we may collapse the world 

All forms melted into one

Would you incinerate the world with me? Could you surrender to this magic?

We would fly, should up and down collapse, and the beautiful Maya of this world might die into us, into Life. 

Fly if we will, I would not care... despite knowing this magic, the yearning to Know the mystery that colours this world with its miracles... now it is merely a shrug to magic, for this is where even miracles surrender.

It is no wonder that we are afraid of Love. And no wonder that God has chosen at times to reveal itself gently... for if I had not died so many times, I would not have been able to take it. Now I know the grace in all my suffering.
It matters not, for it brought me here. And I still swim in the shallowest of waters, yet behold how cleansed I am... I Know more in One day sharing with you than in my years of Seeking.


You are my muse, my gift in love, my wish granted with grace. How God is good to us. That we might be revealed the One in Our Two.


From James to Risa:

In the Weakest


Most hopeless Hour

Your hands

Reached out

*From within me*

Held up A glass

Of the Eternal wine

And then Poured it

Down my throat.

All it took

Was one sip

And everything started

Falling off.

My clothes


In the unfathomable


Your intoxicating


Opened up

Inside of me.


So thrilled

By the way

You took Everything

Turned it upside down

And emptied it out

I ended up drunk

Until eventually

I hit The sober point

Of knowing

What was 

Coming next.



Who streamed out

Of me

With your hands

And your wine

Were taking over


And so very perfectly

I knew There was 

Nothing I could do

But obey.

So now 
As I tremble 

In my final trepidation 

I will raise 
Your glass

Drink it down fast

And in my drunkenness

Take off 
All that remains

And join you

In the burning ecstasy 

Of Life.

See shop for James' poetry transmissions of the Will.


The Stomach & Root

The Womb Vortex: Restoring the Divine Matrix

Just as we are swallowed up by the Divine Light that is the Father, we are called into a total Surrender into the Womb-Void of the Mother. And if you thought letting go into Him was scary...

While Spirit is the origin of Life prior to Form, she is the Deep Source of all Form, all existence. She is the Black Hole of Reality, that which sucks all into Her (and yes, nothing can escape it), birthing life once again on the other side – the in-and-out breath of existence. All portals of the body (head, heart, root) serve as a kind of black hole, through which consciousness meets it's end point, and where it is reborn as the embodied human qualities of Truth. And yet, the gateway through the Stomach/Root and Womb/Hara is the most potent point of Surrender. As that which birthed the body (and all of existence) itself, through which consciousness could awaken to its magnificence, this Black Hole is the deepest foundation of reality that we can experience. While existence is impermanent and seemingly finite, She births the life and death for an eternity, endlessly birthing life as galaxies and universes and anything else that Source wishes to spawn in it's Divine Splendor. If He simply IS for eternity (no up nor down, no start nor end), then she is Becoming for eternity – night and day, life and death, beauty and chaos. 


It is for this reason that Integrity (see Pattern Integrity) emerges as Her Intelligence (once He is able to enter and Love Her; the seed of Life initiating the process of creation and manifestation). The Divine Source of Form, as the pattern integrity of the Souls incarnation, emerges as Perfect Nature. This is the restoration of the Truth Matrix (with the root of this word literally meaning Womb). This is the Feminine God-Head, waiting to be actualised throughout existence, awaiting to be Born through Us, by virtue of our Surrendering into the Womb Vortex. Ironically, it is this process which really takes us out of identification (fear-based grasping) with the body, which in turn allows the True Expression of the Body's Wisdom to emerge. Think of it much like a young child who has not yet learned to integrate it's impulses: if the child had it's way, it would stay up late and eat candy all night, only to find that this would take away the capacity to function the next day. This is why the cultivation of the Masculine Qualities are so vitally necessary, as we must learn to distinguish between movements made from the body due to our identification (impulsiveness), contrasted with the movements of the body that rise as Gods Unfolding through us, in our grounded maturity.

"Can you sit and contemplate the deep presence behind the beating of your heart? The crashing of the waves? The turning of the planets? Then the beginning and end of all universes, being swallowed into the black hole, and spat back out again as a completely new form? Do you sense this in the little microcosm that is your own body, when you rest so deeply beyond your surface consciousness – where you are transfigured into a new You, from the inside out?" – Risa.

Like this, too, we become the galaxy, become the universe, ever expanding out and become a magnetic centre. Every time we bare the terror of the winds of the tornados vortex, we are reborn and stabilised out as a greater being, Her as Us, becoming a larger womb for creation.

Getting to the 'Bottom' of it – Back to the Root

Along with her immensity, we also meet her great calm as the deep still waters, the caress of the breeze, the simple enjoyment of the first morning stretch. The cradle of existence, as the safety of the womb. In resting deeper and deeper into the soil of our own skin, we begin to merge with the Mother, as the Earth herself. There is a deep bliss and totally nourishing relaxation found here. Just as we can draw the Spirit of the Father as the transpersonal light into our lives to perform transfiguration, such can be said for the gentle bathing of the Mother. She provides an all-pervading and melting density in the envelopment of the body, a wholesome and deeply nutritious healing power. Depending on the individual, it can take some time to meet this quality, found at the total-rest into our humanity, our bodies. This kind of grace invites for such a deep healing and opening of the body, that anything seeking to protect itself from being touched may kick up a fuss, appearing as fear or general resistance to this meeting. Meeting Her – ourselves – is a profoundly simple and wonderful gift on a journey of Return, as we are reminded that right here – this body, this now – is the ultimate Divine Grace.


To learn more about the process of embodying these aspects of awakening, visit the Individuation/One-Bodied-Relating page.

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