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Core Integrity was born in 2020 as a natural extension of the union between James & Risa Marshall. Both had experienced painful karmic relationships and other severe life challenges that called for a total surrender of the old self, turning instead to God's Alter. Arriving upon the Great Threshold, the pair were brought together by synchronous circumstances to begin a proper merging into Union, emerging as the Divine Marriage of Him and Her – the Two becoming One...

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    How it began...

    The relationship between James and Risa emerged through the mutual touching and sharing of a life-destroying impersonal love – the Divine Will, or the Sacred Fire. For 3 intense weeks, the pair rapidly burned through many layers of the conditioned self, as the Fire prepared them for a deeper work of immersive Tantric Embodiment.

    The Will became the fuel and love for entering into the deepest levels of intimate relating, activating a complete transfiguration of everything on the human level: the Sacred Fire (Masculine) turning towards and activating the Vortex of Totality (Feminine), where there can be no stone left unturned in the total purification and integration of the Human Being. The result was the emergence of True Being, the birthing of Truth-in-Form – the Soul's embodiment – through the harmonic union between man and woman, as nature intended. 

    As their intimacy deepens, James and Risa sense themselves to be one inter-dependent unit, moving in organic harmony with existence, and stabilising a growing field for everyone who is called into their support. The 'outer' reality continues to manifest greater and greater levels of beauty and intelligent alignment exponentially, as a fractal reflection to the embodiment of Truth and Love, as Integrity.


    People who come to be with Risa and James are invited into deeper honesty, and the activation of their own True-Beauty as the result of the pair's combined transmission and extension of the Him/Her Archetypes. One's Surrender to their own Unique Stream of Life is acknowledged as the only legitimate solution to our planetary crisis, particularly during these times where the failed ways of fear and avoidance-based living are coming apart at the seams, pointing us right back to the neglected aspects of our neglected humanity.

    James and Risa offer both individual sessions and as a combined unit, for people looking for support and guidance on their path of unfolding and becoming. Learn more on our Services Page.

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