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Discipleship | Initiation | Individuation


Core Integrity is an online educational platform dedicated towards the unfolding of Truth-in-Form during this time of rapid planetary evolution and disintegration. Integrity is that which unfolds through the True Individual, as a consequence of the unification of the Evolutionary & Involutionary paths of intelligence. The merging of these paradoxical movements reveals the integrity of the Self and the ability to engage potently, cooperatively and intelligently with creation. The evolutionary aspect of the work corresponds most concisely with the aspects of esotericism and the Ageless Wisdom/Transhimalayan teachings pertaining to Solarisation, Discipleship & Initiation, while the involutionary aspect is deeply tantric, with founders James and Risa working intimately with both aspects across a spectrum revealing a direct, efficient and all-encompassing pathway to the essential individual as a full conduit for the Great Plan and the establishment of Truth on Earth, as Intelligent Loving Creation.

Much (if not all) of our planetary challenges have emerged as a consequence of both the rejection of Nature and the veiling of Spirit, materialising as a dissociative arrogance and a distorted matrix that has enabled fear, contraction-based and self-centred consciousness to dominate the planet and the people upon it. Human beings thus remain still enslaved to the forces of ignorance and limited conceptions of self, functioning not as causal and generative life, but instead a reactive and cancerous one. The consequent evidence of this seen through planetary devastation needs no further extrapolation...

Truth – Integrity – emerges as both a forceful organic unfolding of Life when one Surrenders to their own essential current (to Truth, 'God', Love or the Soul Aspect). In applying the Sword of Death to the old, and deepening the revelation of True Self, our essence is incarnated into Matter as embodied Love, Clarity and Intelligence, creating Integral humans, groups, organisations and so on. It is here discovered that the evolutionary and initiatory movements of the subtle planes and the creative form intelligence of the denser planes are part of one greater harmonic unity. This is the awakening to both our transpersonal nature as Spirit, along with the unfurling of our human potency and individuality, bringing self-realisation right down to the simplest levels of our experience as human beings, revealing the species as no longer the destroyers of earth, but the Guardians of Planetary life.

The word Magician in the past has been viewed with superstitious fearfulness from the point of view of the religious fundamentalist, and nowadays more so as a fictitious term reserved only for characters from worlds of fantasy and youthful imaginative play. The term as we use it here however speaks to the innate quality of Creator that lies within every human being. Many people, awakened or otherwise, have experienced some quality of so-called 'magic' at some point in their life. Such terms as synchronicity, parapsychological phenomenon, psychism/telepathy are often used to describe subtle experiences outside of the linear progression of cause-and-effect as seen purely in the physical dimension with gross forms of matter. The Intelligent Creator – the Magician – is an individual who has merged the energies of Spirit and Matter, and works with the Knowing of his/her Unity with all Life, creating evolutionary forms that serve the world with reliability and potent impact.

The mission of Core Integrity is to support the emergence of the Modern Magicians through the practical fusion of the evolutionary/involutionary paths of intelligence. To all those who hear the call, we welcome you sincerely and hope you may discover some greatly supporting material through our services.

The 4 Pillars
The 4 Pillars | Core Integrity.png

The essence of the Core Integrity Framework can be condensed into 4 core aspects that we have come to see as absolutely fundamental to the emergence of the intelligent creator and reliable human being. These aspects are applicable to the Right Creation of all forms; individual/relational, institutions/businesses, creative projects (eg. the writing of a book, development of a website, the emergence of a modality, etc.). These principles and their processes have been grounded into practical and fundamental understanding through the vehicle of intimate relating, serving as a core fractal point that refines the individuals creative potency and capacity to extend outward into their purpose and group service work.

  1. WILL | force, initiation, commitment, death, the sword, reliability, purpose, Spirit, unchangeable, clarity, unlimited, courage, leadership, sacrifice

  2. LOVE unity, magnetic attraction, merging, cooperation, compassion, understanding, Wisdom, principle, service, oneness, synthesis, right-seeing

  3. INTELLIGENCEcreativity, efficiency, methodical, processes, adaptability, magic, precision, higher mind, abstraction, metaphysical

  4. RIGHT RELATIONS | partnership, bonding, intimacy, sensuality, building, embodiment, tantra, group intelligence, bodily wisdom, density, dark magnetism

The numbers seen in the diagram (1, 2, 3, and 7) correspond to the esoteric science of Rayology. The essence of these qualities emerged intuitively to James and Risa via the vehicle of their relationship, becoming the One Bodied-Relating teaching under Core Integrity, falling under the 4th Pillar of Right Relations through the practical application of the first 3 Pillars.

Discover more about the 4 Principles.

Who we are...

James and Risa are guides and educators of the Solar Sciences and Tantric Unification upon the physical plane via the Wisdom of True Human Relating. The couple call on those who feel the aspirational urge to take spiritual investigation out of the domains of the individually-focused life and hobbyest curiosity into that of flaming service and contribution to the awakening and healing of humanity as a whole, through sacrificial dedication. The pair were pulled into a cauldron of intense purification when Life brought them into physical union, and have since received the Wisdom of One-Bodied Relating, revealing true inter-dependence between Him and Her as the Universal Principles of God as expressed through human connection.

"You suffer until you wake up...

Then you're in pain until you give birth...
When you give birth, you will Know True Beauty."

The work nourishes and provides care for those awakening to their own depth through the sensing of their own subtler promptings and through the unification of the Opposites. James and Risa guide people through their process of disillusionment and embodiment, so that they become transfigured into an agent of Truth-in-Form (Integrity), or Magicians. All that we touch as humans is embraced in this process, including matters of purpose, livelihood, money, relationships, sustainable living, and revealing true creativity as the Magical Work. In this total embrace, everything is brought into transfiguration and revealed in Divine Quintessence. Thee ultimate goal is that of Alchemical Synthesis.

Learn more about us here.

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